2017 Goals Review

Olivia   December 29, 2017   13 Comments on 2017 Goals Review

I knew going into the year that I was unlikely to accomplish many of my goals due to life changes. I tried to balance that by making some vague and open-ended sorts of goals, but I didn’t accomplish many of those either.


Have a successful training period with Laura
X I’d like to try to lesson with Laura at least once a month during Nilla’s training
X Compete at BN (schooling shows only)
Find a dressage saddle that actually fits Nilla

Nilla’s training went really well. I didn’t quite manage to get out there every month due to rain ruining things, but I did manage a few lessons with Laura. We were on track to compete at BN before Nilla’s injury.


X Stay sane and not be ruined by me or anyone else riding him
X Improve fitness enough to do an endurance ride
Do some schooling shows to continue his exposure

We gave up on the whole endurance thing pretty early in the year. I think I could get him around an easy 25, but he’s just not built for endurance and he doesn’t have the heart for it either. He loves jumping though. His fitness increased a lot. The vets were very impressed with his transformation. His sanity fell off the cliff starting in September and I’m not sure I’d consider that goal accomplished.

Other Equestrian Goals

X Go horse camping as much as possible
Meet more fellow bloggers
Do more clinics or find a jumping/ XC trainer to work with
Go to more new places (campgrounds, shows, parks)
Continue to expand horizons and try something new (maybe WE or mounted archery)
X Have happy, healthy horses

We did some camping at shows, but not very much real horse camping at parks. We met up with quite a few bloggers this year. We went to a ton of clinics and a bunch of new show venues. We did cattle sorting with our horses for the first time and I would really like to do it again. Since we’re ending the year with only 1 out of 4 horses fully functioning, I’m not calling that goal achieved. Of course Shasta’s really as good as she’s ever going to be so maybe 2/4? Still not doing too well. Nilla is on the mend though and Levi should be fixable. Hopefully 2018 will be more successful in that regard.

At least one of our horses is doing well

Non Equestrian Goals

X Lose weight. I accomplished a little last year, but still need to do more.
✓/X Find a new job.
X If I’m really lucky, find a new home.

Totally didn’t accomplish any of these things. I did get a job, but it’s a job I had years ago so that’s like a 1/2  mark. 2018 was always the real plan for moving; it was a stretch goal to get out of California early.

Despite not accomplishing all of the original goals, we had a pretty fantastic year. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings.

13 thoughts on “2017 Goals Review

  1. Emma

    That’s what makes goal setting so tricky – all the unmet goals don’t really tell the full story of all the awesome things you got up to with your horses this year. Hopefully everyone comes sound soon and you can start planning for 2018!

  2. martidoll123

    I am hoping your 2018 is fantastic, Levi gets his brain back, Eugene continues to get better and better and Nilla and Shasta are comfy. 🙂 I hope you get back to riding Nilla since I enjoy photos of that gorgeous mule 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  3. Stacie Seidman

    Definitely a rough year on the soundness front for you guys, but you did get to do a lot of fun things. Maybe Levi’s naughtiness stemmed from whatever his unsoundness is. Baby Badger definitely acted like a big jerk instead of just letting us know he was sore. Hopefully you’ll have the well mannered (and sound) Levi back soon!

    1. Olivia Post author

      It’s very possible his comfort was affecting his sanity, but I think some of it was just him getting to a point where things were actually challenging and not wanting to deal with that.

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