Any injuries that occurred from riding

Olivia   December 7, 2014   Comments Off on Any injuries that occurred from riding

9. Any injuries that occurred from riding

I cannot count even begin to count all of them, but I’ll cover the more major ones.

Fractured every bone in my back except for 4. There was no spinal damage, just bone so I was back on a horse in 7 weeks after a month off my feet and 3 weeks of really intense physical therapy. This is why I now wear a vest when riding.

Dislocated my SI joint and tore a disc in my back. This one still bugs me.

Broke my toe – I was actually leading a horse through water while working at camp. My toe was between a sharp rock and a hard shoe (ha ha).

My left middle finger no longer fully bends –  don’t hold on to the reins, kids.

Fractured my leg twice. Once from a fall, once from being run into a wall playing polo. Finished the game, played another one the next day before going to the ER.

Had my knee kicked by a camp horse. Not broken, but enough damage to spend the rest of the summer in a walking cast.

Was trampled by a horse when I fell off during a polo game. I had a horse-shoe print shaped bruise on my arm from that one.

I had a horse fall from underneath me and then roll over/into me while playing polo. I was luckily thrown into a wall and the horse rolled into the wall before he could fully go over me.

Had a my hand slammed into a stall door and only realized I was injured when I was driving home and thought I had an egg under my glove. It was a hematoma.

Fell off onto a jump decorated with a pine tree and scraped most of the skin off my back.

Multiple concussions (all from falls with helmets).