Boredom Busters

Olivia   October 29, 2015   4 Comments on Boredom Busters

I go Nilla a Stall Snack on Saturday when she first injured herself. It’s like this but without the attached ball. She didn’t touch it once in 3 days so I gave it to Dijon who finished half of it in one day.

On Tuesday, I gave her a Jimmy’s Hanging Ball. She was initially interested:

But she hasn’t touched it since.

One thing she has maintained interest in the whole time is her treat ball. The barn owner said she hears her rolling it around the stall a lot during the day. She still has’t really seemed to figure out how to get the treats out, since she’s always trying to put her lips into the hole or pick it up by the hole, but she must be knocking some out by accident, since it does get emptier every time I check on her.

So I would highly recommend these treat balls if you have a bored horse. I put a mix of treats and hay pellets in it and that seems to work pretty well.

Does anyone else have any great boredom busters for horses? Nilla’s allowed to use her paddock now, but she’s still pretty bored without getting any work or pasture time.

Has anyone else read Next Town Over? It’s a gorgeous web comic filled with pretty horses. One of the horses has a metal leg from an injury:


Nilla is going for the cyborg look herself:

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