Daylight Savings Time

Olivia   November 3, 2015   12 Comments on Daylight Savings Time
RIP Daylight Savings Time

Technically Daylight Savings Time is the time we operate in during the summer so I “technically” love DST, but since I mentally think of DST as the change in time like what just happened on Sunday I cannot really utter the statement “I love DST” without cringing. I hate the changing of time. We should just operate on DST all year long. 
I am not a morning person so the winter time has never been my favorite, but I don’t think it bothered me that much when I lived on the east coast and rode at barns with electricity and indoor arenas. Now I keep my horses at a barn without electricity. And I don’t mean without arena lights, I mean no electricity. So when it’s dark at 5pm and I have to feed after work, I have to do it by flashlight. 
You know how some people get depressed in the winter? Well, I get mad. Pretty much any time I have to get up early, I get a little pissed off. If it’s for something one off and fun (like a horse show) I get over it, but as the winter goes on and I have to get up early to ride before work every day, I just get more and more annoyed. I cannot wait for DST 2016.

12 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time

  1. emma

    this was maybe one of the few reasons i can't be too made about the timing of my injury – no feelings of desolation and rage when the clock changed bc hey, i can't do anything anyway so what's the difference? lol seriously tho, i feel your pain 🙁

  2. Olivia

    If Nilla's injury wasn't still requiring twice daily feeding, I'd also care a lot less because we're not doing anything for a while.

  3. Megan

    Yah I am NOT a fan. I am a morning person, but I have to leave early for work or my commute gets ridiculously long. There's no way I could ride beforehand (I mean I could try) so I'm hoping that I can shift my work schedule even earlier and work from 6:30-2:30, skip my lunch break, and then zip to the barn by 3:15. I need to see what my boss thinks of that though… Ugh or we could just keep DST, as much as I love not watching the sunrise out of my office window, I like riding in the outdoor arena better.

  4. Olivia

    I thought your schedule already was 6:30-2:30. What is it now? Of course, even 3:15 won't help much when it starts getting dark at 4pm. I was thinking about trying the whole ride in the dark thing. I know some people do it. Horses can see in the dark and if you're not doing dressage, it's not like you need to see. For me, it's so hard to tack/untack in the dark that I haven't tried it yet. But I might this winter.

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