Dyna Does Dressage and Nilla Update

As I mentioned in my Dressage Clinic post, Laura Hermann was the first person to take a mule to Dressage Nationals. Heart B Dyna was that mule. There is a documentary being made about her experience called Dyna Does Dressage.

There’s a GoFundMe to support the completion of the documentary. I’m going to donate and thought I’d share with my readers though I have no expectations that anyone support. I mostly thought I’d share this video so readers can see what Laura is like.

And now you know why I’m so excited that Nilla is with Laura. Laura’s such a nice person and treats all of her mules with patience and praise. I was watching her train a bit while I was there and she’s really an inspiration for me in how I should be treating Nilla. While I’m not mean to Nilla, I probably am not as patient and calm as I should be with her.

Here’s an update Laura shared with me of her working with Nilla on flexion and stretching. Nilla looks so good.

I can’t wait to pick her up in a month.

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