Easter Shenanigans

Sunday was intermittent rain showers so we didn’t ride. We decided to just sleep in and see what it looked like when we got up. Since it was grey and miserable – and did start raining once we got to the barn – we got lunch then went to the pharmacy to buy supplies. Then we went to the barn to make this:

We also bought these:

Such a good looking horse

First we tried to give them Peeps, which they surprisingly did not like. I thought they would as they’re basically sugar. Dijon and Shasta were interested, but then spit them out. Nilla sniffed them and then turned up her nose and went back to her hay.

I brought molasses and put it on the basket handle to try to get them to pick up the basket. This was a complete failure, though Dijon did end up with molasses on his muzzle.

While they wouldn’t pick up the basket, they were happy to take carrots and apples out.

All in all, an excellent day even if we didn’t get to ride.

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