FCHP HT – Eugene Videos


A steady test with so much less tension that earlier in the year. Some semblance of free walk shown.


Oh Sh*t Double take at 0:43. I think this is the first time they left both parts of a combination up at a rated event.

Cross Country

At 1:40 they are supposed to trot down the hill. I like how they canter down the hill, then trot right as they get to the flat. At 2:00 you can kinda seem him trying to put his head down to drink. Eugene loves drinking from water on XC. 3:10: Ditches are scary okay. Even when you’re not jumping them.

3 thoughts on “FCHP HT – Eugene Videos

  1. Dom

    I think I’m in love with your little mustang. O my goodness! He’s so steady and game! It’s also super cool that they had a videographer capturing all the phases! I wish they had that at all events. Talk about being able to really go over every moment of your competition!

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