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Olivia   November 30, 2017   9 Comments on FCHP HT – Levi Videos

Since we finally finished an event, I purchased the Ride On Videos. Now you can watch us flail our way around the intro division.


This makes me physically cringe to watch it. I should probably watch myself do dressage more often because I can see a ton of things I need to improve. I used to video my lessons with Nilla, but have gotten out of the habit.

Cross Country

He’s just so freaking slow. He thinks he’s going fast, but he’s not.  Water refusal at 2:30. Tripping over his own feet at 2:35 (it looks like he’s stepping down a bank, but there’s no bank).


I didn’t realize until watching this video that he was doing partial changes. I’ve been avoiding teaching him changes because of the problems that would create in dressage, but maybe he’d like to learn. Also, it’s hilarious that this is his fast mode.

9 thoughts on “FCHP HT – Levi Videos

  1. martidoll123

    I think it is huge that you finished an event. I will never ever like looking at my dressage so I can feel that but I think if you can get Levi through that part you will be on the way!! I agree his jumping has improved in leaps and bounds. AND my horse has the tiniest lope cc so you and I can just meander to our heart’s content 🙂 HA! Thanks for sharing the videos!

    1. Olivia Post author

      It’s a really cool service. They record everyone too so you can decide at the end or the event if you want to get the videos or not.

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