Geometry of a 20 Meter circle

The dictionary – and math and dressage judges and basically everyone- defines a circle as “a round plane figure whose circumference consists of points equidistant from the center.”

Levi, however, defines a circle as something I force him to do even though he doesn’t want to and would prefer to go be near Eugene and why am I so mean to him?

At A
Me: Bend right

Levi: Yes! I want to go in this direction because Eugene is down at the other end of the ring and now we are going towards him.

At B:
Me: Continue bending right.

Levi: Stupid human. Eugene is over there. I shall continue towards him.

At C:
Me: Dammit horse, turn. *caves and pulls on inside rein*

Levi: Since you insist, my head shall go with you, but my body will continue towards my BFF.

At D:
Me: Go forward!

Levi: We’re going the wrong way. We need to go backwards. Or at least stop. Jeez, fine, I’ll shuffle awkwardly forward twisting my body side to side in an attempt to evade forward momentum.

At A:
Me: bend right.

Levi: Yes! Finally.

and repeat.

15 thoughts on “Geometry of a 20 Meter circle

  1. Teresa

    You have perfectly described my circles with Carmen- especially in the early days. Add in a troll at D and you’ve nailed it. I especially love “caves and pulls on inside rein” 😀

  2. Emily

    Ugh this was a skill that took May and I a long time to accomplish. When I first got her, she could only go 3/4ths of the way around a VERY LARGE circle. Then she would pop her shoulder and run in the other direction. It takes times, but they do get it eventually!

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