Happy Birthday Nilla

Nilla is the only one of our horses whose birthday we actually know for sure.  And her birthday happens to be Pi day. So I decided to bake her a pie; a carrot pie with Nilla wafer crust.

I’ll post the recipe tomorrow, but for now here’s Nilla enjoying her birthday pie.

After she licked it and then pulled it off the plate, we took it back and cut it into pieces to share with everyone.

I love Dijon’s expression in the background. He was all about the pie.

Shasta was a little unsure of the whole pie thing. She kept taking little bites and then flipping her lip around. But she did eat her whole slice.

I took pieces around to most of the other horses. I left some slices for the BO to give to her old guy who was sleeping and one of the other old guys who I wasn’t sure if he was allowed treats. All the horses gobbled up their pieces. It was a definite hit.

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