HGBH: Everyday Tack Setup

Thank cod for a blog hop as it’s boiling hot here and riding is just not happening. I have 2 sets of tack for Nilla: Arena and Trail.

Our arena get up is as follows:

M. Toulouse Jennine Pro with Genesis Tree – This saddle is a 1/2″-1″ too big for me so I usually ride with a sheepskin seat saver to shrink it a bit. I haven’t had this saddle long enough for a real review, though I will say the genesis tree is pretty cool. I also got it for a significant discount.

Prestige Stirrup Leathers – these don’t match so I really need to replace them. I want to find unlined thin leathers. The trend nowadays is all nylon lined, but I hate how thick they are.

Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth – I like the idea of this girth more than I like the girth itself. I bought it used and I think it may be the first version of the girth. I have read a few reviews that say TSF changed to a much nicer leather for their newer versions. This one’s leather is stiff and thick. I also hate the color (red leather) and multiple applications of hydrophane oil haven’t darkened it at all. I do like the anatomical shape and I love the D-rings for lunging.

Lami-Cell Mirage Saddle Pad – Now complete with Minion Patch.

Herm-Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups – I haven’t found that these help much with my ankle and knee pain so I am considering selling them and getting something else. Anyone have any recommendations?

Foursquare Leather Bridle – I got this awesome bridle from English Tack Trader. There’s a woman who sells dyed bridles. They’re random brands. The leather was appallingly stiff and crappy when I first got it, but it’s actually really soft and nice now. Unfortunately, the aqua dye is chipping off the browband. However, I’d buy another one. I love the color and how it looks on her. People often comment on it as well.

Copper/Brass Eggbutt French-Link Snaffle – I have no idea what brand this snaffle is, but I’ve had it for years and years. It’s a nice, easy snaffle and horses seem to like the soft metal.

Unknown brand synthetic crupper – I actually bought this for Shasta maybe a year before I even bought Nilla so it’s rather miraculous that it’s her color.

Our trail gear is a work in progress. I need to replace almost every piece of it. I also don’t have any untacked pictures of it, but here goes:

Treeless Saddle – I forget what brand of treeless saddle this is. I remember it being an English brand, but I don’t remember which. It doesn’t have any brand markings and I bought it off of craigslist, so I can’t look up a receipt.

Hilason Treeless Saddle Pad – This fits the saddle perfectly, but it’s not quite padded enough to keep the saddle off her spine. I need to supplement the padding or get a new pad. But I may get a new saddle, so I’ve been putting off the decision.

Tucker Padded Breeching – Even with the padding, we’ve had some rubbing issues. It’s also not small enough and I need to punch some more holes in it.

Breeching Padding – I made this myself. A DIY is coming.

Random unbranded breastplate – I bought this used at a tack store and have no idea what the brand is. The leather is pretty beat up, but it’s nice and supple.

Professional’s Choice SMx VenTECH Dressage Girth – I love this girth. It’s nice and stretchy, but sticks well and prevents slipping. I also love the design – you can remove and wash the liner.

PS of Sweden Hackamore Bridle – I think I may be the only fool doing endurance in not only all leather gear (instead of synthetic) but in high end PS of Sweden gear. I exchanged the mechanical hackamore it came with for the S-hack, and I like the way it works. As much as I like this bridle, it’s not a good long-term endurance prospect. Their signature easy-on-off brow band tends to come unhooked when Nilla shakes her head and gets the reins tangled on it.
PS of Sweden reins – The reins that came with the cavamore are perfect for endurance. They are long enough for Nilla to graze without me having to reach down and they have clips on the end. I have unclipped one end and used it as a lead rope to walk her across streams or boulder sections of the trail. They are amazingly convenient. 
Easyboot Old Macs – I am trying out some different varieties of Easyboots as the Old Macs were great for shorter distances, but they’re not meant for more than 25 miles per week. In Yosemite after going almost 50 miles in 3 days, she started getting some small rubs from them. I don’t think they’d hold up to a 25, but I do love them for shorter rides – they provide a lot of cushion and stay on really well.

4 thoughts on “HGBH: Everyday Tack Setup

  1. Stephanie

    Nilla looks STUNNING in that aqua/teal color!

    The breeching is totally new to me- for some reason, I thought it was something you used when you drove, not when you rode!

  2. Olivia

    Thanks. I love this color on her. Breeching is also for driving, but most mules need it for trails since their backs are so straight and witherless and downhill.

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