How to Get Two Kastel Sun Shirts for $35

I’ve had one Kastel shirt for a while now. I really love it, so I wanted to have more than one. Because wearing the same shirt every time I ride would be gross and I don’t like wearing other shirts when it’s hot and sunny out because I’m incredibly inclined to sunburn even if I slather on sun-screen. Unfortunately I’m not really rich enough to afford a lot of $75-$100 shirts. And I wanted a lot of them.

Fortunately, there’s a sale on eBay right now for Kastel sun shirts. Check it out. All of the shirts are really cheap. To make it even better, some of them come with “FREE CHARLOTTE DRESS.” I didn’t know what this was, but figured worst case I’d just donate it. $30 plus $5 shipping for a Kastel shirt is great with or without a free dress.

I might have gone a little overboard:

It turns out the dress is basically a giant Kastel sun shirt. It would actually be a really terrible dress. There’s really nothing that makes it a dress aside from length. It lacks any sort of form or design and clings really unattractively. I’m also not really sure who the market would be for this dress. Do people do athletics in dresses and therefor need sun protection and ventilated arms? I can see why it was free.


So what to do with this weird dress thing? I cut the bottom off and made it into another shirt. If you want to do the same, here’s how:
  1. While wearing the dress, pin a half inch lower than where you want the shirt to end (you need room for the hem).
  2. Measure how far up this pin is from the original hem and then use that measurement to mark around the dress. Do at least 10 marks around.
  3. Cut the dress in a straight line along the marks.
  4. If you have a serger, use that. If not, your sewing machine should have an overcasting foot. Use either to overcast the cut edge.
  5. Then pin a half inch hem and sew the hem using thread that’s the same color as the shirt.


My hem is not actually that uneven, I was tugging at the shirt after putting it on. I also forgot to take pictures of the hemming step. Well, I took pictures, but I can’t find them. Sorry. With the free dress modified into a shirt I ended up with two Kastel shirts for $35. You can’t beat that.
I would highly recommend checking out the Kastel eBay sale. I might have already ordered some more. I might have a problem. I even ordered one for my husband. Has anyone else tired the Kastel shirts? Or do you have another brand of sun shirt you like? I tried a few different brands and have found Kastel to be my favorite, but I’m open to trying others if anyone has any recommendations.

28 thoughts on “How to Get Two Kastel Sun Shirts for $35

  1. The $900 fb pony

    The Kastels are my favorite. Funny, when they first went up on eBay a while back they were all $5 cheaper (I snagged one, basically the only color offered that I didn't already have and didn't hate) but I think they were so popular they went back and raised the price a little. Still a really fantastic deal though, the Kastel shirts are fantastic. And yes, the dress is really stupid.

  2. Matilda

    I like them but they snag and rip quite a bit, at least for me in endurance. I fry in the sun too so I just have a few and replace them once they get too ripped up. Matilda

  3. Olivia

    I thought they were cheaper before, but wasn't sure if I was imagining it. The discount colors certainly leave something to be desired, but for the price, they're still worth it.

  4. Olivia

    I really like them. The regular quarter zip ones are the best. I bought all the styles and the full zip and snap are okay, the crystal one is annoying, and the quarter zip is the best.

  5. Kalin

    I've seen some people use the dresses with leggings to workout in if they have stricter modesty standards. I actually know one person who has a dress from Kastel just like that and that's why she wears it! What a great deal, I really want to find some Kastel shirts!

  6. Olivia

    I didn't think about that. It's such a short dress I'm surprised it would be considered modest enough. The (admittedly very few) people I know who follow religious modesty rules all require below the knees dresses. But that's awesome if it works for someone you know. And they can get some free ones from this eBay sale.

  7. Kara Thomson

    Thanks for the tip! Do you think the shirts run big, small or average fit? I can't decide what size to order. I burn too, but the freckles are starting to connect on my arms, from a distance it may appear tan!

  8. Tony the Pony

    I ordered two and got them today- but the shipment didn't have the dresses (I was hoping to make the dresses into shirts like you did). I emailed them and they said that the dresses were only available while supplies last. Grr. They really need to update their listings…and they don't take returns! I guess the shirts are still a good deal. But a warning to others- they don't have any XL dresses left. Not sure about the other sizes.

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