Pro Photos from April’s FCHP H.T.

I finally got the pro photos from April’s Fresno H.T. They come at a great time too; it’s nice to look back on a successful event with Levi and remind myself why we even bother. There were so many good pictures it was hard to pick, but here are a few of my favorites.

If there is one thing I do well, it’s keep my eyes up

Last jump on XC. Look: I actually put my hands down.

This is the jump we had a refusal at in November. This time we were clear (it helped that they removed the terrifying brush)

Lots of pats for good dressage ponies who get their leads

Their stadium has improved so much in the last year

This is the best picture – totally ecstatic about going clear in Stadium for the first time


Ears pricked and locked onto the jump out of the water

I love all the red

All photos were purchased.

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