Rain and Mud

Olivia   January 25, 2016   6 Comments on Rain and Mud

Everything is still mud. I can’t really accomplish anything in the arena with it being so wet so we trail ride along the gravel driveway and fire roads. We can’t do any trotting, but it’s better than nothing.

On Thursday I rode out to the picnic grounds. I found two men having a BBQ at the soaking wet picnic ground in the grey, miserable evening. It wasn’t actually raining at the moment, but everything was wet and the wind was brisk. I have no idea why they thought a picnic bbq would be fun.

Friday, it was pouring rain when I left work so no riding. On Saturday, it was actually not raining for a bit so we ventured to the barn to feed and clean. Our barn is about 2-3 miles away from home as the crow flies and about 5 miles on a windy road, but it seriously exists in an entirely different climate zone. I have left my house in a T-shirt and arrived at the barn to find it freezing cold and wished I’d brought a jacket. It is frequently raining there when it isn’t at home. Once we round a few turns we can usually see if the hills are covered in clouds, but we can’t tell from home. When we go to the barn on Saturday, it was bright and sunshiney and raining. Simultaneously. I’ve never experienced this weather phenomenon until we moved to California.

Blue skies and rain

Everything was soaking wet so we just cleaned and fed and went home without riding. The rain also continues to make the horse shopping part of our life difficult., but we did make it out to see a few horses on Sunday. Details to follow.

6 thoughts on “Rain and Mud

  1. LoveLaughRide

    I experienced the sunshine and rain phenomenon while living in Ireland. Coming from the Prairies, it was a bit of a shock. Here's hoping it dries up some so you can get some quality rides in.

  2. jenj

    Is it safe to ride on the road where you are? That's what I end up doing when it's wet, but we live on a residential cul-de-sac so people normally don't drive too fast.

  3. Olivia

    Unfortunately, it's not safe on the main roads. The road our barn is on is actually the site of multiple bicycle fatalities so I do not ride on it except the 50 yrs to the park entrance that actually has a shoulder. The route I take to the picnic grounds is about 1/2 paved road once I pass the special needs camp. But that's a dead end road that really only goes to the camp, the picnic grounds and the parks facility so it sees little traffic.

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