TAAHH Blog Hop: Your First Horse

I spent my entire childhood unsuccessfully begging my parents for a horse. When I was in college I made the financially idiotic decision to buy a horse from the camp I was working at. The horses were rented for the summer and spent the winter living in a giant snowy pasture where they were ignored (we had one horse whose ear tips had frozen off) if they were lucky or sent off to auction if they weren’t so lucky.


I literally loved that horse from the second she walked off the trailer. She probably could have been a nightmare and I would have still liked her because there was no logic involved. Fortunately sh was ridiculously well behaved. She was literally voice command trained and I could put her at the front of the line of camp students and direct her around the arena and all the other horses would follow. I spent the whole summer riding her – after I got kicked in the knee by another horse I spent the rest of the summer riding her bareback. I couldn’t leave without her even if I was in college and couldn’t afford her (or college or anything).

I kept her at a barn near my house and only saw her on break from college. The picture above was pretty typical; I would ride out with a bareback pad, halter and leadrope, and a little mini backpack filled with snacks and a drink. No helmet because I was young and stupid.

I would go out for hours and cover miles of country like that. All the bareback riding made me a really good rider and I often contemplate going back to that to reform myself. One of my favorite things to do in good weather was to ride to a river and swim with her. I still miss swimming with horses and haven’t found a place to do that in California.

I only owned her for about 2 years before I had to have her put down due to complications from bastard strangles. I still miss her; she was my heart horse and I’ve never found another that I’ve cared for that much. I would literally trade all of my current equines for her if I could have her back.

18 thoughts on “TAAHH Blog Hop: Your First Horse

  1. sarahczspots

    Such a pretty mare! Where were these pictures taken, they don’t look like CA? Paige and I do the bareback and halter think often, so I can appreciate how strong your legs must’ve been!

  2. irishhorse

    She is so lovely, and I’m sorry you only got 2 years with her, but it sounds like you had wonderful adventures. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  3. Cathryn Kozak

    I am so sorry for your loss – what a devestating thing to have to go through πŸ™

    She was certainly lucky to have you tho – thank you for sharing her story and I love that you have all of these old pictures of you two <3

  4. lifeisbetterthere

    Financially idiotic decisions are sometimes the best kind. I’m glad you found each other and I’m sure she enjoyed those two years as much as you did. So sad what happens to camp and dude ranch horses when they’ve passed their useful prime.

  5. Kat

    Awe, what a sweet girl. rent string horses are weird, some come so well trained, some are such train wrecks. When you’re young and broke, you cherish finding those good ones. Bummer to read you only had 2 years with her, what a heart horse.

  6. martidoll123

    She was beautiful. I too had Pasha in college and could barely afford to eat. LOL I am sorry you didnt get to have her longer πŸ™ Thanks for sharing!!

  7. achieve1dream

    Good grief this made me tear up. I can tell how much you loved her. She was gorgeous.

    I really like this blog hop… I might have to use it as an excuse to get back into blogging, but I don’t have pictures of my first horse or even remember much about her (I was five)… I might have to cheat and do my first favorite horse instead lol.

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