The importance of riding in your life

Olivia   January 7, 2015   Comments Off on The importance of riding in your life

22. The importance of riding in your life

Horses are what I seek out most. If I go on vacation, I try to find a way to ride. If I’m just driving and I see horses out the windows, I get excited. I cry at horse movies.

I taught my childhood dog how to lunge, carriage drive, and jump. I cantered everywhere as a kid and would build jump courses in my yard to jump myself.

As a little kid, I taught myself to read because my parents were tired of reading Black Beauty to me every night (I had an illustrated kid’s version, not the real novel). I think I was like 3 or something and basically memorized every word on every page so I could “read” it to myself.

As an adult, I’m known as that girl with horses since most people I hang out with don’t also like horses.

Finally, I am very lucky though in that my husband likes horses. How important is riding in my life? Enough so that our wedding was horse themed.