Throwback Thursday

Olivia   December 11, 2014   4 Comments on Throwback Thursday
On Eastwich

I was captain of my college’s polo team for 2 years. This was Eastwich, a really terrible polo pony who I often had to ride as I was one of the few on our team who could deal with/stay on her. While this was in the day of digital cameras, the ones that could handle indoor action shots were very expensive so I have very few good pictures of me playing polo and this is one of them. I wish I had some of me on the horses I actually liked.

I’d like to get back to polo. I just need a horse that could do it (which I don’t have) and a trailer to get to chukkers (which I don’t have) or a lot of money to pay for club horses (which I don’t have). I’m working on it though.

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