TOABH: Idiosyncrasies

Olivia   February 11, 2015   4 Comments on TOABH: Idiosyncrasies

What personality quirks does your pony have?  What makes him or her special?

Dijon does a lot of weird things. I really could not count them all. He’s certainly a character. One of the weird things he does is stick his tongue out of the sides of his mouth. He does both sides and goes back and forth. At first, I thought it was a stress thing, but he does it when he’s waiting for food, when he’s being tacked up, if he’s bored being tied. It seems like it’s more of just a fidget activity for him.

He’s doing this during a flexion test

She’s a mule, so one of the weird things about her is the noises she makes. She sort of winnies and sort of brays at the same time. Her version of a nicker is sort of like a hu hu hu noise. I need to get some video of this. Unfortunately, by the time I get my phone out, she’s always stopped.

She’s also really convinced that turning her head sideways will make you give her food.


Shasta likes to grab anything within her reach. There’s a large tack truck that holds our blankets outside her stall. I frequently put things down on it thinking they’re far enough away from her and she will somehow get them. She has twice taken a drink of mine and thrown it on the ground once she realized it wasn’t horse food.

Wasn’t me, I’m all the way back here

For a while, Shasta had figured out how to get under her stall guard because the bottom parts weren’t attached. Nilla and Dijon only have straight chains because they don’t escape. Shasta would climb underneath the stall guard and walk off to get eat anything she could find. One time I was riding Dijon in the small arena by the barn and the Barn Owner asked if I knew Shasta was in Dijon’s stall eating his hay. She had a full hay net, but knew that would be there all night so she wanted to eat someone else’s hay. She also kept getting captured as soon as she walked off to eat stray hay by the hay barn so I think she figured out that if she was hiding in his stall, no one would catch her and put her back. It worked too as it took a while for someone to notice.

4 thoughts on “TOABH: Idiosyncrasies

  1. Checkmark115

    haha adorable pones!! My horse sticks his tongue and out just holds it there, funny you have a horse that does almost the same thing. Nilla is ADORABLE. The same horse that sticks his tongue out ALSO will grab ANYTHING in his reach. Anything. Ive found whole hay bales and sawdust bales in his stall before.. Like how??

  2. Olivia

    Shasta has pulled blankets, a wooden box filled with hand towels, a trash can, a bag os sawdust, and other various things into her stall. The barn owner has gotten a lot better about keeping everything far away from her door now. The real problem is she can apparently get to things that are further away than the length of her head and neck, so you think you're safe and she somehow gets it anyway.

  3. achieve1dream

    Oh my goodness that tongue thing is so funny!! What a silly boy! I would love to hear a video of Nilla nickering. I love the sounds mules make. 😀 Also turning her head on the side would totally earn a treat from me. So cute!

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