Olivia   October 8, 2015   5 Comments on Two-Pointober

I got my base-line time of 1:25 at the endurance ride. I have done much longer in the past, but always with the crutch of holding onto the mane. With my new-found determination not to grab mane this year, I’m back to a pretty crappy base-line.

Then Stephanie blogged about her plan for improving and my thought was “oh, shit; I don’t have a plan.” I seriously just thought I’d improve through the power of montage. I mean, it works in the movies:

I’m still not quite so organized as to have a real schedule, but I figured I’d do 2-point every time I ride. That’s at least better than my usual signing up for Two-pointober and then then completely falling off the bandwagon and doing nothing all month and not even bothering to turn in my final times.

So, I thought 1:25 was bad until Wednesday evening when I went out with the plan of practicing and found I literally could not even.

I tried to do two-point going up a (very slight) incline and realized I lack the ability to do two-point for more than 2 seconds if not on flat ground. I think I may be the first person in the history of two-pointober to regress.

So new plan: I’m going to do some two point while holding mane to get my muscles working. Then I’m weaning off the mane.

I will only use whatever time I get without mane for the contest.

5 thoughts on “Two-Pointober

  1. Amanda

    ahahahahaha. Yeah. I had no plan either. I was flummoxed at the (very smart and obvious!) idea of making a plan. So…I am sort of half-assing a plan now. Better than nothing, right?

    ps – I am the only person ever for whom two point is easier in the walk than the trot, so I feel your pain about inclines. sigh.

  2. Stephanie

    I think we ought to all take many pictures and videos of ourselves and put them all together as a montage with an inspiring song. Future Two-Pointober contestants will be so motivated!

  3. Olivia

    I don't think it's easier, but it isn't difficult for me to do two-point in the walk. But I apparently can't do it going uphill.

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