Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Cubicle

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Cubicle

I know everyone hates cubicles, but honestly, I would love to have one. Instead, we have the – ubiquitous in Silicon Valley – open office plan. I spend half my day here:

The pen is to keep my dogs in when they need to be locked up. Most of the day the wander the office and my fellow coworkers can pet and play with them. But for a few hours in the morning, I cage them in with me until I can go for a morning walk.

Luckily, I also have an office. Since I do Finance and Human Resources, I need a private space to get confidential work done. So I also get to spend about half the day here. I like my office a lot more than my desk.

It’s actually a shared office, but we haven’t hired the other person that would share it with me. If you want to learn more about my day, I posted about it before.

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  1. Olivia

    I know. I would love to have some partition between me and the next person. I really need more quiet for getting work done.

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