Woodside Derby – Eugene

Eugene has really been coming along in his rehab. He’s still a bit stiff, especially at the beginning of a ride, but now he’s warming up out of most it and his fitness has increased so that he’s feeling good for longer. He’s also super excited to be allowed to jump again. In dressage work, they’re starting to get back to where they were in May before his injury. While he does still look a bit off, two different vets have concurred that this is not a lameness, just a mechanical hitch in his stride and that he is cleared for a full return to work. The more he works, the more that hitch will go away.

1. A Enter working trot. C Track right

Judge’s Comments: fairly straight
Score: 7.5

2. B Circle right 20 meters working trot

Judge’s Comments: more bend
Score: 7.5

3. KXM Change rein

Judge’s Comments: drifting. Slightly unsteady in head
Score: 6.5

4. E Circle left 20 meters working trot

Judge’s Comments: 1st half large. Maintain bend throughout.
Score: 7.0

5. Between K and A Working canter left lead

Judge’s Comments: hollow
Score: 6.5

6. A Circle left 20 meters

Judge’s Comments: needs bend
Score: 6.5

7. Between B and M Working trot

Judge’s Comments: against hand
Score: 6.5

8. HXF Change rein working trot

Judge’s Comments: Steady in Bridle. Straight.
Score: 8.0

9. Between F and A Working canter right lead

Judge’s Comments: Need clearer transition
Score: 7.5

10. A Circle right 20 meters

Judge’s Comments: Maintain bend. Steadier in bridle.
Score: 7.5

11. Between E and H Working trot

Judge’s Comments: (no comment)
Score: 7.5

12. C Medium walk

Judge’s Comments: some tension
Score: 6.5

13. M – E Free walk. E – K Medium walk

Judge’s Comments: needs more stretch. good energy.
Score: 7.0

14. K Working trot.  A Down centerline

Judge’s Comments: Resistant in hands
Score: 6.5

15. X Halt, Salute

Judge’s Comments: Square halt. Slow to settle.
Score: 7.0

Collective Marks:
Gaits: 6.0 “Tension sometimes affects quality of canter and walk”
Impulsion: 7.0
Submission: 6.0
Rider: 6.5

Final Comments: “Good effort. Work with horse to be more relaxed and confident over back for a steadier energy to bridle contact.”

Their score was a 31%, which placed them in 12th out of 18 going into Cross Country.

In warm up, Eugene was happy to be back to jumping and hopping over everything nicely. They’ve actually done the whole course before except for the stadium jumps so they weren’t worried about XC. My husband’s big concern was knocking one of the stadium poles down since Eugene thinks that’s a thing he should do. But my husband really sat him back and the adrenaline of XC probably gave Eugene some extra hops. The little Mustang was so happy to be back out on cross country – his ears are pricked forward the whole way around.

They went double clear and moved up from 12th to 7th, which was just one spot out of the ribbons. 7th out of 18 with several of the competitors being pros (there was just the one division) is pretty good for the little Mustang’s first event since his injury.

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