100th Post – Giveaway

I’ve made it to 100 posts and to celebrate, I’m having a giveaway. Even though you can now make your own Wood Horse Stall Sign, I’m giving away a sign that I’ll custom make for you with your horse’s name and a graphic. I can even turn a picture of your horse into a graphic if you’d like. I can also add your name if you want.

27 thoughts on “100th Post – Giveaway

  1. tailsfromprovence.com

    I entered your giveaway for fun but if I happened to win and you don't want to post overseas I'll totally understand πŸ™‚
    I might also pick your brains about using Rafflecopter. Going to have a giveaway on my own blog shortly.

  2. Olivia

    Thanks for entering. I suppose I'll ship tout of country if the winner is there. Did you have a specific question about Rafflecopter? It's pretty easy to use. I used it a bit in my previous job to run giveaways on Facebook. My contest here is done entirely in the free version, so you don't need to pay unless you want really advanced features.

  3. achieve1dream

    I love your signs!! Thanks for offering one as a prize. Congrats on your 100th post. I am following you on Feedly and have been for a while, but I'm way behind on reading posts. I hope to catch up soon.

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