Olivia   March 7, 2016   16 Comments on Dijon
check out the photobomber in the back

I hope I’m not jinxing it by saying so, but I’ve found Dijon a new home. And he’s moving about 100 yards away. There’s a woman at our barn who has been leasing a different horse there for 8 years. The horse she leases can’t really be ridden anymore, so about a year ago, I told her to ride Dijon whenever she wanted to. I know she’s ridden him a few times, but it was so rarely I didn’t actually realize she cared that much about him. However, she saw us making his sale video and when we told her what we are doing she got really upset. It took her a few weeks to convince her husband, but she told me today that she can take him.

I’m so excited that she’s taking him. Now he can stay at our barn and I’ll be able to see him and keep an eye on him. Plus I trust her to take excellent care of him. And everyone at our barn loves him, so he’s always amongst friends. And I have 100% committed taking him back if he ever needs to be retired or she can’t keep him anymore.

I actually had another purchase offer for him, but they haven’t done their vet check yet. And I had quite a few other emails wanting to set ups trial rides. Since I complained so much about the buying process, I put a lot of effort and honesty into my ad for him. I figured I’d share it here now that’s he’s sold.

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16 thoughts on “Dijon

  1. lytha

    You put a ton of effort into that video, it's the best I've ever seen. I've seen some good ones too, that show tacking up and arena work, but I've never been taken on a trail ride through water. I think he made those little kids' day. I appreciate all the honesty in the ad.

  2. Horseyhabit

    Omg, the tarps part was hysterical!! "do you like to put tarps on your horse? You can put tarps on Dijon!" LOVED IT!! 😀

    I agree, that's the best sales video I've ever seen too!

  3. Beka Burke

    Watched the entire video and what an amazing horse! I don't know that I realized he was a TWH. I may have to pester you about the one I ride.

  4. Olivia

    He loves meeting strange people in the park. Every so often picnickers give him some food so his friendliness has been rewarded. But even if there's no food, he loves being pet.

  5. Olivia

    I like the TWH you ride, he seems really nice. Ask away, but I will say I have limited knowledge of the gaited horses.

  6. Stephanie

    That's such a great video! Dijon seems like such a pleasant horse- I'm glad he's going to a nice person and staying where you an keep an eye on him!

  7. eggiewegs

    Congrats to all. Your poor barnmate certainly missed out on a lot of zany horse shopping hijinks- just buying a horse that they already know from their own barn… So boring. To make up for this boring purchasing experience, the new owner needs to start a blog or tumblr about piling things on Dijon. Lots of people have objects stacked on cats or dogs. A horse would be excellent. 😀

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