Friday Five

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Things are still pretty hectic around here. So much so, I’ve barely had time to sit down, let alone post. Yesterday I started making dinner after being in town for hours running errands, realized the recipe was actually for a slower cooker and I needed to start it 6 hours ago, and proceeded to just sit on the kitchen floor in exhaustion.

We had brinner. It was fine; I just use that as an illustration of why I’m not posting much. I’m trying to prioritize adulting over blogging. For now…

Dressage Volunteering

This weekend, my husband and I volunteered at GMHA’s fall event. My husband signed up to scribe for the morning session and I signed up to do score running. I would have liked to scribe, but they only had one spot available for a 1/2 day scribe. Score running did give me a chance to do my favorite volunteer activity: drive a golf cart. It was pretty fun exploring the facility and, when I had down time, I got to park right next to the dressage judges and listen to them give comments to their scribes. It was really probably more educational than scribing as I get to watch the test while listening. When I’m scribing, it’s hard to get a spare moment to look up.

Jump Judging

The next day we were back for another day of volunteering, this time as XC jump judges. I was at jump 2 for Novice and BN and Jump 1 for Intro and my husband was at 3 and 2 respectively. Although the second jump was pretty easy and inviting – as second jumps usually are – I eliminated two riders at my jump and saw a few more refusals. I’ve never seen so much trouble at the second jump. There was a creek crossing between 2 and 3 that wasn’t numbered, but several horses wanted nothing to do with it. I think Levi would need quite a bit of schooling before doing SC at GMHA as the courses crisscross the creek multiple times.


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Another beautiful day at @greenmtnhorseassoc volunteering as a jump judge this time. #eventing #volunteering #horselife

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Despite being pretty tired from getting up at 5am to volunteer that morning, we went over to the Tunbridge World’s Fair Saturday night. I love fairs and this is a great one. It’s massive with tons of historic displays. I like this horse treadmill power-generator:

We also got to see oxen pulling. It was a free-for-all event so they just kept adding weight to the boats. We had to leave early but they were at 7,000+lbs when we left.

The oxen were MASSIVE


One of the few horse necessities we have purchased is a horse trailer. We actually bought the trailer the same day the horses arrived and the previous owners delivered it. However, we didn’t have a hitch until Monday when I finally got into town to buy one. We hooked the trailer up on Thursday to make sure everything worked, then popped the ponies in and drove down the road and back just to make sure there wouldn’t be any freak-outs. Levi didn’t really want to get on the little trailer at first – he’s never been in a straight load or a ramp trailer before, let alone such a tiny one – but once he got on, he was fine.

It’s a used Brenderup. We’d like to get a bigger trailer – hopefully with an LQ – in another year or two, but we liked the idea of having a small trailer for day rides that we’d keep even once we got the larger one. The first ride went pretty well, so hopefully this works out for us.


We found a new farrier who came out today for the first time. He seems very good, though quite pricey. The horses were mostly good for their shoeings. They were a bit nervous about the new environment and didn’t like not being able to see his truck outside when he was working on shoes and making noises. They’re used to being shod standing out in the open. Levi loves to watch power tools run and generally isn’t spooky, but having those same tools be on the other side of a wall when he was cross-tied into a scary grooming bay? He was a little on edge.

“omg, what is going on out there”

An Equestrian Life

I needed new collars for the dogs and found some really cute ones made out of halter leather at the tack shop last week. When we were volunteering, I saw that the tack repair guy at the show made engraved halter plates and asked him if he’d make some for the colors. The plates matched perfectly. Even the tack repair guy was impressed with how well they came out. When I took the dogs in to meet their new vet for the first time, I mentioned that we had horses and she said “I figured given the collars.” Our dog and horse lives have always been rather separate before, but I guess we’re those people now.

27 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Emily

    I had to laugh about the collar thing. Hannah had a pink, sparkly collar when I first met her. Now, she has a Tory leather collar with a brass nameplate on it. Oops?

    I am sure things are still positively manic there, but it sounds like you all are getting things moving in the right direction. The farm just looks so tranquil.

  2. Sarah (threechestnuts)

    The collars made me laugh too. My dogs have leather collars with brass plates too. They run around so much that the brass plates make all the difference. No more losing name tags in the mud. It’s awesome! Plus they hold up to the elements so well. But, the vets all look at them and know I’m a horse person immediately… But your farm sounds amazing! As for the farrier stuff, Subi can’t be done anywhere but out in the open so I understand the tense horses! Batty loves watching power tools (some horses are just weird, right?) too, not that my guys get anything but trims now, but still. They should adjust, but if not, you can always adjust where they get there feet done. Nothing to say that just because you have grooming bays means that that is where they need their feet done. Still, it’s convenient! And, most horses don’t have PTSD farrier issues like Subi which require special handling (he required a cocktail of drugs for years by my old farrier after he threw a rasp at his head — all before I bought him — current farrier worked through his issues and he’s pretty easy now other than arthritis) so he gets done in the paddock or next to it with his friends near by. Never will get done in crossties (not that I have any…) and never will use a stand. Your place is gorgeous!

    1. Olivia Post author

      We thought about doing this farrier trip outside, but they need to get used to the indoors for winter anyway. Eugene still needed to get drugged to get done, but the rest got through it.

  3. Megan K

    i love how you don’t have the house together yet but you still went to volunteer

    I noticed when that location blog hop went around that shoeing in the northeast is significantly more expensive than other places… just is what it is I guess!

    I’m also jealous of your brenderup. I ended up with a much larger trailer but I frequently see the brenderups and wonder if I should trade it all in for the simple life 😀

    1. martidoll123

      ha ha yes the farriers up North SO MUCH pricier than down here in the south. My wallet loves it!! And I looked at brenderups but I got a new Kingston for what i would have paid for a brenderup used. But I do like the idea.

      And lol on you volunteering. AND BEEN there with the crockpot not realizing I had to put it on in the am 🙂

      Keep on breathing. Your place is lovely! So lovely!

      1. Olivia Post author

        I think the farrier was mostly expensive because we got much more fancy shoeing than we normally do. He did a lot of customization of the shoes. It really makes me long for the days when all of ours were barefoot.

  4. Teresa

    I loved my european trailer when I had one. I found that horses liked it as well. I love watching the ox pulls. They are just such cool animals.

    1. Olivia Post author

      The oxen were so big! I’d seen some before at fairs, but never ones this huge. Some of them were bigger than the big draft horses we saw in the trailer parking area.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’m really liking them, though the little dog finds hers a bit stiffer than her previous one. If it tips up onto her ears while she’s eating, she becomes broken and I have to move it back down before she can finish eating.

  5. Stacie Seidman

    Sounds like you’re getting all the important thinks checked off the list though! Including making friends with the GMHA! Farriers are expensive in this part of the world. But if you find a good one, it’s worth it. Especially with Levi’s special shoes.
    Sounds like your dog vet must also be a horse person to make that observation. Your pup is so cute!

    1. Olivia Post author

      A good farrier is very valuable though so I hope this one works out. I don’t think our vet is so much a horse person as she is used to horse people since there are so many around here.

  6. emma

    sounds like you’re settling in well – awesome that you were already able to get out and volunteer and check out the local venues!!

    1. Olivia Post author

      I worry about our dogs running off and want someone to be able to call me. I have separate leashes and harnesses for when they go anywhere.

  7. Amanda

    Tunbridge is the BEST. They do an open dressage show there usually in July in conjunction with the big Morgan show. I’ve always wanted to go.

    We used to do a big work event on the fairgrounds and they always offered to let me bring Tristan down and stable him onsite for the week and ride around the fairgrounds after hours. Kind of regret not doing it now that we’ve ended that event!

    1. Olivia Post author

      That would be so cool. We saw a bunch of people with horses there. There was a guy riding his giant 18hh Belgian around in a halter and leadrope. Seems like they were all having a lot of fun.

  8. hayflinger

    Aaaaand, I think I can see now there’s a leetle window in front of the ‘stang boys.

    I think this means you have a Royal. Congrats. 🙂

    Like I said before, Welcome to the B’up Club. I want to hold on to mine forever, even when I win the lottoery and can finally have a place of my own with a fancy shmancy trailer. They’re so easy to hitch and go for the day rides.

  9. Liz

    Y’all don’t let moss grow under your feet, that’s for sure! How you’re continuing to stay so jam packed amidst moving chaos and settling into a new place is amazing to me. Such a gorgeous area!

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