How I Got My Husband to Ride

I frequently get asked how I got my husband to ride. Occasionally on the blog, but more often in person. While we certainly meet a lot more men in endurance, my husband is often the lone guy at any horse show we attend. If you ask my husband why he rides, he’ll tell you it’s all my fault.

So here’s my step by step guide to getting your S.O. to ride.

Step 1:
Decide together that you’re going to go on an overnight pack trip together in the summer.

The aforementioned pack trip to the Flat Tops Wilderness

Step 2:
Suggest maybe he should take a few lessons. Sure, he doesn’t actually need to know how to ride to go on a trail ride, but it’ll make it easier.

Same vacation as the pack trip. We found another place to ride because we needed more horses.

Step 3:
Sign him up at a local stable for a package of group beginner lessons and go with him to the first lesson. (Sadly, I have no pictures of this because this stable was a weird parks and rec program and had weird rules about liability and where viewers could sit so I was like a field away.)

Step 4:
Find out the next day that your SO, while away on a business trip, is calling around to local stables in search of private lessons.

Step 6:
He starts riding twice a week (once a private and once in a group lesson). This is more than you ride. You no longer have anything to do with this; you’re just happy he likes it so much.

I think this horse’s name was Spot

Step 7:
Move to California. Try out a few places to take lessons at, but find them too expensive and decide to buy horses (because that’ll be cheaper, right?).

Shasta in the early days

Step 8:
6 years later, he’ll own 2 horses, do Eventing and Endurance and you’ll often act as groom/crew for him as he rides without you.

Little Mustang says bring it on! #eventingmustang #blmmustang #eventing #horsesofinstagram

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Step 9:
If anyone asks why he rides, he’ll still say it’s all your fault.


Has anyone else convinced their S.O. to ride? How did you go about it?

36 thoughts on “How I Got My Husband to Ride

  1. Teresa

    You may have showed him the water but he dove right in! I got my husband to ride a sum total of twice. The first on our honeymoon. He found it *ahem* painful and said ‘never again’. last year in Arizona when we were vacationing with a couple the other husband wanted to join on us on one of our trail rides and he had no choice but to come along. I think that he enjoyed it. I suspect that if I had the right horse- quiet and comfortable he would do some but not like your husband. But that’s okay because he loves the work that comes with having the horses at home.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I think doing trail rides and things that are more exciting than ring riding is the key to getting guys into it. But your husband is obviously very supportive, which is the most important thing.

  2. Leah

    I got mine to ride gradually, and like Teresa commented above, having the right horse was key. Although mine still isn’t nearly as involved as yours haha.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I think making it fun helps. It’s hard to get past the beginning when they’re not good enough to go faster, but walking around doesn’t make them want to do it again.

  3. Wendy

    You’re living the dream, my friend. Sadly, I never had such luck getting my husband involved. He doesn’t even really know which horse is which in the backyard, but he is supportive of my dream and I will take happily take that!

  4. roamingridersite

    Annoying when the non horsey hubby takes to it so easily. I got mine to ride when we booked our honeymoon as a horse ride through France. He then took a few lessons and that was is. He doesn’t ride much anymore cuz of the kiddo but he had fun, was way more natural and braver than I was.

  5. jenj

    I uh, suggested to mine that he try jousting. The rest is history… he now owns more saddle, tack, and horses than I do.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’ve specifically told me husband he’s not allowed to take up jousting. Not because of the injury, but my god, the costs.

  6. Alex

    Man… I really need to try some of these! I’ve been wanting to get my husband to ride but… its not that he doesn’t like horses or really isn’t interested. He just is more or less indifferent to the whole thing and thus doesn’t try. It’s not fun to do something you love with someone who couldn’t care less about it.

    1. Olivia Post author

      Try getting him to sign up for some lessons. I think the big thing is riding has to actually be fun. And the first few lessons are boring as well get out. So getting past that hump can be a problem.

  7. lifeisbetterthere

    We don’t have a a lot of chances for fancy lessons here in the wilds of eastern Oregon, but the pack trip idea is probably my best hope. So far he’s gotten on the old horse a half a dozen times and fallen off twice (once in snow, the other in the arena sand; both times without a bridle or halter or saddle) and keeps trying so I’ll take that as a hopeful start. 🙂 Love watching you guys take the world on with your mustangs and mule – very inspiring!

  8. Nicku

    Love this, and love that “Spot” horse obvi…my hubs got curious about riding after we started dating, took some lessons too and has a very natural seat (darn men!). He likes riding and horses but unfortunately my last horse squashed any desire for him to ride regularly or own a horse because of how expensive and sad everything turned out. Our retirement plan is a few acres (his dream) and a couple horses for us (my dream). In the meantime he’s the best groom ever and mostly supportive of my insane hobby.

  9. Stacie Seidman

    I love this! It’s great you can enjoy the horses together.
    I dated a trainer for awhile which was nice. But we were both super competitive, and he really didn’t like it when amateur me beat him. To be fair, I was on perfect Rio and he was always on something green. But he still didn’t like it.

  10. Grace C

    “Try out a few places to take lessons at, but find them too expensive and decide to buy horses (because that’ll be cheaper, right?)” Yup lol this was #1 reason for me…glad I wasn’t the only one

  11. Carly

    Hubby’s family had horses that they dinked around on growing up, but he rode a lot when he was working on a ranch in MT during college. He bought his own horse when he graduated that he sold right before we met. He rode with me a lot when we had two horses in PA. He doesn’t have time for it anymore, but he still likes to trail ride on the rare occasion he gets the chance. I don’t think I’d be able to ride like you do with your husband. I’m way too bitchy and competitive lol!

    1. Olivia Post author

      The most important thing is not instructing each other. We can compete fine, but not instruct each other.

  12. Kara Thomson

    My husband doesn’t ride, but loves being around our horses and is great at handling them. Plus he’ll drive his truck and my trailer around for me! 😂 I wish he wanted to ride but describes it as simultaneously boring and terrifing!

  13. Appydoesdressage

    Haha! Love that it is your fault still. My SO doesn’t ride but he plays “pit crew” (his term) at my shows. I’ve always wanted someone to ride with, alas that ship has sailed away.

  14. Courtney

    You were the snowflake that caused the avalanche. Well done!
    I’m not sure how specific I have to be following these directions, but I’m going to try. Fingers crossed that it works!

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