How to go on vacation when you DIY

We do self care and have three horses. The barn feeds hay and checks waterers two times a day, but we have to clean our own stalls, grain, and blanket. We also travel fairly frequently.  Today, I started scheduling for a trip away and saw Chasing the Dream’s What Do question and I thought I’d share how we manage this.

In order to go away, I construct an elaborate schedule covering each day, each horse, riding, cleaning, and feeding. I then color code it, add everyone’s contact information, and share it with everyone involved. I use a live google doc so that the participating people can update and exchange with each other without needing me since we sometimes go on trips that lack access to telecommunications.

S showing the bracelet we gave her to our horses

For the paid stall cleaner, there is an additional step of creating labelled ziploc baggies of their daily food and putting those in the shavings bin.

This is what the schedule looked like when we (briefly) had 4 horses and went on a 3 week destination wedding/honeymoon trip:

Yes, it’s really this complicated, which is why I make color-coded charts.

While having this many people involved ups the complication factor, it actually lowers my worry factor. If one person gets sick, another person can take over, or worse case, they’ll survive without grain and stalls cleaned for one day and another person will be doing it the next day. If it was just one person, I’d be worried all the time about that one person falling through.

When I can be reached by phone/media, my leasers keep me updated and send me pictures, which I always appreciate.

Shasta’s post-ride MMO: Roll then demand feeding

6 thoughts on “How to go on vacation when you DIY

  1. achieve1dream

    Cute nose pictures! Wow that color coded chart looks so complicated!!! I'm glad my horse is unclipped, an easy keeper and at home so my dad (different house on the same property) can just check him for injuries every day while I'm gone. 🙂

  2. Olivia

    You're very lucky! Having our horses on our own property is a goal we're actively saving for. However, we live in one of the most expensive parts of the US, so that won't be happening for a few years or at least until I convince my husband to move. We also only shave because we have to bring our own water in by bucket in order to bathe.

  3. achieve1dream

    P.S. I have never boarded a horse. We've always kept them at home so sometimes I forget how lucky I am. 🙂 It helps that I live in one of the lowest cost parts of the U.S. hehe.

  4. Olivia

    The barn is supplied by a tank filled a few times a month by a tanker truck. So the horses can drink, but it's expensive water to bathe with. We fill a barrel at home and haul it to the barn with us in our truck. It's a huge hassle though.

  5. achieve1dream

    Wow! So there are no water lines there at all?? What happens if a horse is injured and needs cold hosing?

    That would definitely make bathing a hassle. Oh well I guess it's a good trade off for being able to be a part of your horse's care instead of leaving it up to strangers. 🙂

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