Olivia   December 23, 2015   7 Comments on Mudbeasts

I was not kidding about the whole palominos in the winter thing. I suppose anyone with a grey horse could empathize. On Saturday, I turned out the palominos and they proceeded to find the biggest puddles to roll in.

They were also full of energy from being cooped up and not ridden. I went up to get a wheelbarrow to clean their stalls and came back to find Dijon going insane. He was galloping and bucking and spinning around in the mud. Nilla was trying to roll (again) but kept getting spooked by Dijon:

gonna roll, gonna roll… nope, psych

This went on for minutes. She finally got to roll and he ruined that too:

He was also spooking himself out of rolling. It reminded me of dogs. You know when they circle endlessly and you want to just push them down?

I eventually left them to clean stalls, but I could hear the mud slopping around as they ran and bucked and spun. And this was the end result:

Two absolutely disgusting mudbeasts. Just be thankful your only viewing this and not also smelling it. I’m pretty sure the barn cats use this arena as their litter box because these two smelled like cat pee. It was horrible. And we can’t bathe so I brushed them a bit and then gave up and put them away.

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