Review: Fleeceworks Sheepskin AP Saddle Pad

Olivia   January 11, 2015   Comments Off on Review: Fleeceworks Sheepskin AP Saddle Pad

I might have a bit of a sheepskin obsession. I have both english and western sheepskin seat savers. They are so comfortable and really make my saddles more comfortable. I’ve even taken my western one with me on my last pack trip and it really helped. I also have a sheepskin rug.

My husband has an unbranded sheepskin saddle pad that we picked up used. I had been looking at getting one for myself, but they were just so expensive. On a recent east coast tack store trip, we found a ton of great stuff: 3 Roma pads, a little foxhunting saddle bag, and best of all a used Fleeceworks black sheepskin pad. It’s the exact pad I wanted to buy online – even the color I wanted – and it was used at $100 instead of new at $240. It looks like it’s never been used:

Seriously, none of my saddle pads are this clean. I’m going to try to use it over a baby pad to keep it this nice.

It fits my saddle pretty perfectly. The sheepskin is very thick and really soft and fluffy. I rode with it today and it worked really well. So far, I’m really happy with it. I’ll update if it falls apart on me, but for now I only have good things to say.

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