Your best riding friend

Olivia   January 12, 2015   Comments Off on Your best riding friend

24. Your best riding friend

When I finally started taking lessons, my parents sent me to the barn my best friend was already taking lessons at. We had bonded in nursery school (and I was in her wedding so we’ve stayed friends most of our lives). We took lessons together for years. When we hit high school, she got a car and a horse so she started riding elsewhere while I stayed at the same lesson barn. I would go out and ride/take care of her horse when she was away and would sometimes rent a horse from the neighboring hack to go out on trail rides together. Sadly, I cannot find any pictures of us riding together. I imagine my parents have them.

When I got to college, I joined the polo team and did something I’ve never done before: a team sport. Since the sport involved riding, I had a close group of riding friends for 4 years. Four of us even did an exchange program and went to England together to play polo in our senior year.

I’m on the far left.
Finally, my husband is my best friend and we ride together now. After many years of riding alone, it’s been a lot of fun to have someone to share every horsey moment with.
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