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Olivia   January 9, 2015   7 Comments on Review: HalterTags

My lead rope kept disappearing (being taken by other people at the barn who also liked it) so I decided I needed to get a tag for it. As with pretty much all horse (and Target) shopping:

So I ended up buying halter tags, bridle tags, saddle tags, and the one lead rope tag I initially needed. I justified this because I was going to:
We have a lot of leasers and some of them like to move our bridles and saddles around. Why? I do not know. If I knew who was doing it, I could ask them. Since I don’t and therefore can’t, I figure more labelling can help. Plus, you know, I get to buy things.
I ordered from because they were the cheapest I could find that had a good website. The quality was pretty good. The letters are etched in quite deep and the metal isn’t too thin or cheap. They should last for a while. I really wanted silver instead of brass, but they did not have that option when I ordered. I did get a card in my package saying silver is coming soon so yay for future me?
Today, I went to the barn to try to install these. I forgot to take a hammer though so I didn’t get to the saddle ones yet.
I have nylon halters so the halter plates were a bitch to get on. I took an electric drill to put holes through, but then I still had to finesse the bolts through the nylon to get them on. The end result was pretty good though:
If you look closely, you can see the tag on the lead rope too

I particularly like the bridle tag ones for being really tiny. It would be much better if it was silver like all the buckles, so I may replace in the future.

The only con to this was that it took forever to get them. I placed the order on Dec 2nd and received them sometime while I was on vacation (so post December 23rd). Their website claimed the date for orders to be received before Christmas was December 15th, so I have no idea why this took sooo long. Luckily, I wasn’t needing them for Christmas, so it’s fine for me in the end, but if anyone is thinking about buying from them, don’t expect them quickly.

7 thoughts on “Review: HalterTags

  1. achieve1dream

    Those look good! Makes me want a halter tag even though I don't have to worry about stealing (this makes me really glad I keep them at home). The easiest way to put holes in nylon is a heated up ice pick. You can use a lighter or something to heat the end of it, then hammer a hole in the nylon. I seals the holes really well since it's hot. 🙂 I've used that method for adding holes to halters that are too big.

  2. Olivia

    That is the most random, bad-ass DIY idea ever. How did you know this? Why do you even own an ice pick? I knew you can seal off the holes with flame, but I didn't know about this heated ice-pick trick. I'll have to try it out.

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