TOABH: Ermahgerd

Olivia   March 5, 2015   4 Comments on TOABH: Ermahgerd

What is your pony’s absolute favorite riding activity? What makes those little ears perk and causes the knees to lift? Let’s just focus on the favorites – we’ll save the bucks for next week.


Shasta absolutely loves jumping. She’d like it even more if she got to make all the decisions and everything went her way, but she truly gets excited about being pointed at a jump.
I’ve discussed Dijon’s complete inability to control his excitement when out on a ride. This is one horse that likes to get out and be ridden. His real true love would be racing, but he’s not allowed to do that anymore, so he settles for trying to do so every step of the way on what are supposed to be easy, laid-back trail rides.

I don’t really know yet. She definitely likes trail riding. She’s the first equine I’ve ever know that speed out away from the barn slows down going back to the barn. But I don’t know if it’s her favorite thing. She’s still so green that I feel like we need to try more things before I can determine what her favorite is. I do know one activity she loves:

4 thoughts on “TOABH: Ermahgerd

  1. achieve1dream

    LOL! It is hard to tell with green horses. Chrome and I haven't done much so it's hard to say what he likes best. I kind of went the joking route with my blog hop post and just posted what he gets most excited about hehehe. Oh and that first picture made me giggle!! Her expression!!

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