2015 Gift Exchange

Olivia   January 5, 2016   7 Comments on 2015 Gift Exchange
Nilla was very excited about the gift exchange this year.
We received a lovely wrapped gift from The Maggie Memoirs

Which contained one of my wishlist items: clippers. It also contained a very pretty card and a note saying she was also including a taste of the northeast with the maple candies.

I’m actually familiar with maple candy and I really don’t like it. But guess who does?

Each horse got a candy and they all loved them. She was less excited about the clippers which I used to remove the goat beard she was growing and trim up her muzzle. I’m so thankful to Abigail for getting them for me. It’s been too cold to bathe and I don’t want to destroy my clippers by clipping without washing the muddiest first, but at least I got the face hair more under control with little clippers.

Thanks again to Abigail and to Tracy for organizing the exchange.

7 thoughts on “2015 Gift Exchange

  1. Abby

    Oh nooooo – it didn't even cross my mind that you might not like maple candies! Dur. Well, at least the ponies enjoyed them :)Nilla is seriously adorable! Glad you've already been able to put the clippers to use!

  2. Carly

    Not a fan of maple candy either. I usually foist them onto Hubby, but I never thought of seeing if Bobby would eat them! Will have to investigate…

  3. emma

    ha i loved the maple candies that came with my secret santa gift and didn't even *consider* sharing with the princess mare (shhh don't tell her!)

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