2019 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

It’s that time of year again:

The 2019 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange!

I feel like every year the gifts just keep on getting better and better. Maybe it’s because we horse bloggers learn more about each other over the years.

This year, my gifter was Shelby of the blog EquiNovice and she really knocked it out of the park. To start with, she sent me an entire box full of stuff!

And she wrapped all of it really nicely. I wish I were so nice to my giftees. I literally just shoved mine in a box with some paper this year. I feel bad now. I especially love the equestrian wrapping paper.

Look how much stuff! And it’s all so personalized. The shirt in particular is jus amazing. It’s a little hard to see in my picture, but it says “I like mules and maybe like 3 people.”

She even got me chicken treats. Holy crap! I’ve already given it to the chickens and I forgot to get a picture, but they loved it. I mean, whats not to love about sunflower seeds and melaworms mashed together?

I have the toe warmers, but I’ve never seen full insole liners before. I’m super excited to try them. I’m going to save them for fox hunting next year. Or I might break down and use them the next time I’m cold. Hard to say. I have no willpower.

She also gave me cookies and cute little magnets –   that I’ve already stuck to my fridge because I actually really needed more magnets – and a great card from Hunt Seat Paper Co. If only it were a palomino, that card would be me trying to ride Levi in the snow the other day!

Finally, possibly my favorite part of the whole package is the little mule card:

And it’s still in its packaging. I love it! I think I might frame it and put it at Cristmas. So cute!

Thanks again to Tracy for putting on the gift exchange and thank you so, so much to EquiNovice for all the amazing gifts!

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