Alameda County Fair

I haven’t ridden since the show. It’s been boiling hot here. So hot that when I have gone to the barn to feed the horses, they have been sweaty just standing in their stalls. And this is at 7:00pm so it’s not even like we could wait for it to cool down to ride. It never cools down. So no riding at all this week. Totally how I should be planning for a 25 mile ride coming up soon right?

Anyway, in lieu of riding posts, I thought I’d share the pictures of adorable animals I saw at the fair. The Alameda County Fair is amazing. There’s an actual race track with grandstands and Thoroughbreds racing. I somehow did not get any pictures of this, but I did watch 2 races. I wanted to bet, but the lines were insane.

There’s also amazing fair food:

deep-fried pineapple

There were also a lot of animals. And a lot of them were for sale. There was an entire building filled hundreds of bunnies. I kept texting my husband asking if I could get various animals. My favorite animal after horses and dogs is actually pigs, so I was like a kid in a candy store with all of the pigs.

pig racing!

So adorable. A pig is seriously first on my list of animals being purchased as soon as I have my own property.


There was also an amazing petting zoo. The animals were all so friendly and there were a lot of exotic animals. There were kangaroos (or wallabies – I don’t really know there were no signs).

Kangaroo hanging out in a bag
Mom with baby in her pouch
Selfie with a Kangaroo

They had 3 baby deer who were all crazy friendly. They kept coming up to people and just pressing themselves upon you or alternately chewing on your shirt/pants. They were great.

1 of 3 fawns

There were so many goats. This little guy was so tiny. Less than 1 foot tall. I could have put him in my lap if it were allowed.

tiny baby goat

 And there were pot-bellied pigs. I stalked them all.

Selfie with a pig

 The pigs were 100% interested in snuffling for food and 0% interested in me. The little goat was very interested in me.

This fair was huge and really great. I’d highly recommend it to anyone in the bay area. So many adorable animals and actual horse racing to watch. I think it’s only there through this weekend, but it is a month long event so I’m already planning to go back next year.

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