Brian Sabo Jumping Clinic

Last week my husband and I did a group clinic with Brian Sabo. I debated not doing it since the fire in Sonoma had filled the air with so much smoke it felt like living inside a campfire. On Wednesday I could barely breath sitting down. Luckily the air actually cleared up on Thursday for our ride.  I eventually decided to go and just take it easy if I needed to.

While my husband and I have both ridden with Brian before, he’d never seen Levi so we started with some intros. I explained that we were having issues with Levi getting excited when we jump higher and not being able to keep his brain in his head.

Sadly, the jumps never really go high enough to trigger any naughty behavior on Levi’s part. We certainly had some awkward moments, because really, it wouldn’t be me if I managed an entire ride without looking like an idiot.

It was a little disappointing in that the jumps weren’t very challenging and therefor not really helpful. I did get reminded that I need to put my stirrups up more to jump. I swear my ankle has hurt for the week since. And I actually need to raise them more, but I probably need to actually get that surgery my doctor wants me to get first. And that seems very unlikely to happen.

While the lesson wasn’t very helpful for me, my husband did get more out of it. Brian really addressed his riding position. He wants him to be in more of a two-point position between jumps.

I’ve been telling him for weeks that it’s 2ptober and he should participate, but he’s ignored me. We take one lesson, someone else tells him he should do more two point and bam, now he’s practicing two point every ride.

Story of my life.

15 thoughts on “Brian Sabo Jumping Clinic

  1. Emily

    So I am totally going to be THAT person and give unsolicited advice. I have the MDC Comfort Stirrups because my left ankle is a complete and udder mess:

    My left ankle has never been able to handle anything other than these stirrups (no jointed or composite stirrups here if I want to 2point at all and not be crippled). They are heavy, they have a wide footbed, and the whole lack of movement and torque on your joints thing really does help me.

    Other than that, I have to say that you are giving me serious mustang fever. Maybe the next horse 😉

    1. Olivia Post author

      I have icelandic stirrups that help my ankle a lot, but I can’t wrap the stirrup leathers with them so I need to buy new leathers.

  2. Stacie Seidman

    Haha, of course he wouldn’t listen to YOU! Boys… sheesh.
    Bummer you didn’t get much out of the lesson, but it does look like Levi jumped some fabulous jumps! So at least there’s that.

  3. Teresa

    I cannot remember how many times I have told my husband something only to have it warmly embraced when it is done by someone else. With Levi he had a good experience and it’s all part of the building blocks.

  4. KC Scott

    Laughed out loud about your husband! Typical!! Boo that you weren’t able to get a lot out of the lesson, but he sure looks good in those pictures!

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’ve found that the best way to get him to listen to me is to tell whoever is teaching him my thought and get them to tell him.

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