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Whenever we go somewhere I try to work horses in. We’ve been riding in various states and countries. This weekend we had to go to Charleston, SC for a wedding. While I wasn’t able to work in riding, we did do the very popular carriage ride around downtown Charleston.

I really wanted to go to this company because they had a pair of matched palomino draft mules. They also had about 4 other pairs of mules including a gorgeous dappled gray I didn’t get a picture of. However, they didn’t have any availability until much later in the day and we had to get to the wedding so we went to another one of the many carriage companies to do our ride.
Our horse was named Jack and he was a 9 year old American Spotted Draft horse. He was very eager and kept trying to go through stop signs and lights. Our driver explained that Jack had learned how to watch the traffic lights and he knew when the opposite light had turned red and would try to start walking before our light had actually turned green. I was up front and watched him do it a bunch. Such a clever boy.
All the horses were in great condition and looked well cared for. The tour was really enjoyable too. The city is gorgeous and full of history so a guided tour is a great way to see the city. I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Charleston.
I also took a picture of a horse we saw. I love this double braided mane and I’ve never seen a mane braided like that before.
Does anyone else try to sneak horses into their vacations?

14 thoughts on “Charleston

  1. Beka Burke

    You were so near me! If you're ever down this way again, you have to let me know because I love any excuse to go to Charleston.

    Now, about the carriage ponies. We have some here, too, in Savannah. I have mixed feelings about it. But the issue I had with the ones in Charleston is that I didn't see water at their stops. That was three years ago. In your photos, it looks like they had water stations set up! That makes me happy.

  2. Olivia

    They had water at their stops and they get a minimum of 15 minutes break, but all the ones I saw ended up getting more than 15 minutes break in between. I'm always concerned about horse welfare when doing vacation rides.

  3. Calm, Forward, Straight

    Not surprised at the stop light "cleverage" one bit. ;D

    The trail horses I used to work with knew exactly when half of 2 1/2 hours (their beach ride shift) was over and would get quite miffed if we didn't agree to turning around RIGHT NOW.

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