Flailing Along

Olivia   April 21, 2016   9 Comments on Flailing Along

Last week I was trying to ride before a lesson. Well that didn’t happen. And then neither did the lesson because my trainer forgot. Cue frowny face. Since I was already tacked up and the husband had been dragged along with the camera, I made him take some pictures of us anyway.

Nilla has been an absolute asshole lately. No holds barred. I am guessing that her trailer casting issue caused some back/neck pain and she probably needs the chiropractor out again. She’s been really pissy about being saddled and then acting out under saddle.

Chunks of hair removed during the casting incident

Of course, she also had a bunch of time off while I was resting my elbow. For a mule used to being ridden intensely 5-7 times a week to go to 1-3 times a week of casual trail ride/hacks some excess energy is to be expected. Add in that it’s spring time and you have a recipe for disaster distraction.

Everything I ask is a problem for her.

Me: Halt
Nilla: No, watch me bolt

Me: Trot-to-Canter transition
Nilla: How about fuck you?

Me: Just trot
Nilla: Tranter

Me: No canter, just trot
Nilla: I’m gonna duck my head behind the bit so I don’t have to listen to you

It’s not all terrible. There are moments where she just does the simple thing I want her to do. But it’s not easy right now. Even simple concepts are difficult. I went to the barn to do a quick hack before meeting a friend for dinner. This turned into a 1 hour ride focused solely on halting and not bolting or barging through the reins. My friend texted me at one point saying she was at my house but where was I. I eventually got home and explained that Nilla was having some issues and I couldn’t end the ride until Nilla actually listened. She’s not a horse person, but she teaches special needs kids, so she understood the concept.

When she’s good

I’m really hoping the combination of the chiropractor and the additional work will get her to settle the hell down. I did get a lesson this week and the trainer was not impressed. More details on that to come. 

9 thoughts on “Flailing Along

  1. TeresaA

    Those are frustrating. In my head I'm all 'WTF horse? If you just did the damn thing I'm asking we'd be done by now'. But you'll get through it.

  2. Liz Stout

    Love the colors and you look solid in every photo! She's all shenanigans and you're all business. Fingers crossed for a resolution soon.

  3. Olivia

    Resting bitch face for me. I'm not terribly bothered by her behavior. I'm annoyed, but it's not really unseating me or getting me off. It's just obnoxious.

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