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Olivia   September 11, 2015   7 Comments on Clipper Recommendations

Well, I tried to shave Nilla, but my clippers are broken. They would only run if I held my finger on the speed adjuster. And even while running, they would not actually remove any hair. They were refurbished clippers that I bought over 2 years ago so I suppose it’s time to move on.

I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I do want to get good clippers. Ones that clip quickly and can handle very coarse hair. Nilla’s coat is not sleek and soft like a horses. Probably whatever would get through a draft horse’s hair would work. I’d love it if the replacement blades don’t cost a fortune.

What are your recommendations?

7 thoughts on “Clipper Recommendations

  1. Hannah

    I love my Lister Stars and wrote a review ( about them recently, though they are spendy at $250 and replacement blades are $50 each. I really, really liked my Andis AGC Super 2 Speed clippers ($150), though they quit working after one clip. While they worked, they were amazing – I think I might have just had bad luck because I know they are very popular and get great ratings. Luckily they are still under warranty so a new pair is on the way.

  2. Stephanie

    I bought a pair of Andis AGC Super 2-Speeds last year from Bit of Britain during their online tent sale. They work well and were only about $150. I'm not sure how they would do on a mule, but they have held up through several horses and a dog. Tack of the Day seems to have clippers on sale pretty often- maybe keep an eye on them?

  3. Carly

    Not sure if there's anyone around you, or somewhere not to far that you could mail out, but maybe inquire about pricing to just get them fixed? My old as shit clippers have died a couple times since I've owned them, I thought they were for sure done, and it turned into pretty minor repairs that were significantly less than a new pair.

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