Holiday Wishlist and Riding Warehouse Coupon Code

I’ve been meaning to jump on the bandwagon and type up my Holiday Wishlist. Last week I won a $25 Gift Certificate to Riding Warehouse for reviewing products. 
If you’re not already buying everything you can from Riding Warehouse, you should be. If you are, make sure you’re doing reviews. Three people win every month and you could be one of those winners. I won for reviewing AluSpray – which I had to buy a ton of recently – so it’s not even like you need to spend big money.
Anyway, when I got the email saying I’d won, I told them how much I loved Riding Warehouse and that I was planning to put together a holiday wishlist post soon asked if they’d give me a coupon code to share with my readers so we can all complete our wish lists for a little bit less. Use coupon code DIY15 for a 15% discount at Riding Warehouse through Jan 31, 2016.

My 2015 Holiday Wishlist

I’m obsessed with wool and I’m really convinced that I’m always freezing cold even though I live in CA. I love the Kastel Sunshirt I have so this is tempting me:

Kastel Merino 1/4 Zip 

Since Nilla has decided to have open wounds on her leg that will take months to heal, I feel like I should keep them covered while we’re riding… whenever we actually start riding again… sooner would be better…  Since I don’t want to do polos all the time, I’d like to get these:

Dressage Sport Boots

I don’t really need a breastplate as we rarely do cross country, but this is my wish list not my needs list, and I want this:

PS of Sweden High Five Breastplate in Brown

I have the dressage version of this girth and I really like it. Since Dijon has gotten too fat for his old western girth, I would like this:

Professional’s Choice SMx VenTECH Neoprene Western Cinch

I saw these on someone else’s blog (sorry I forget who) and thought they looked great. Especially given the lack of cell coverage at my barn and the shows I go to; this will certainly come in handy.

Whinny Widgets Training Level Book

I love the look of the Newmarket Stripes and blue is Nilla’s color so this pretty much has to be mine.
Rambo Newmarket Dress Sheet in Blue

I need smaller clippers for face clipping and getting into difficult spots. These look nice stocking stuffers:

Wahl Super Pocket Pro Compact Trimmer Clippers Kit

My tall boots give me horrible blisters so I would love to wrap gel around my ankles whenever I have to wear them:

EquiFit GelBands for Riding Boots

My treeless saddle for endurance is not long for this world. I’m thinking one of these would be a great replacement:

Freeform Classic Trail Saddle

I actually sold my old PS of Sweden hackamore with plans to use the funds towards a new bridle, but I can’t make up my mind which one to get. I’m keeping my eye on their holiday sales.

Dubbary’s would be great, but I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on boots. So I have my eye on these babies:

Dublin River Wide Calf Boots
Don’t forget to use coupon code DIY15 for a 15% discount at Riding Warehouse through Jan 31, 2016.

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