Horse Art and Decorations Around the House

As a horse lover, I’ve collected a lot of horse art and decorations over the years. Thankfully, my husband also likes horses, so I don’t have to keep it all in an office or craft room. Instead, the horse are fills our house. Actually, the house we rent is so small, a lot of our art lives in a stack on the floor by the dog toys, waiting for the day we move.


The rest is scattered around the house. My favorites are the custom paintings. We have one of Dijon and Shasta, though Shasta’s doesn’t look like her so it’s not on display. The donkey print we bought in Ireland.


The following two photos are from the sam photographer and are of Mustangs.



We’ve also collected a lot of antique/vintage hunting prints. My parents are really into antiquing/going to flea markets and they frequently give me old horse art. This one is called “The Death of Tom Moody.” So weird, but I love it.


The mantle hosts more prints and a ton of random dust collectors. The little clay Nilla lives here along with the gold vial we won for BC at Run for the Gold.

IMG_5207 There’s a lot more scattered throughout the house, but these are some of my favorites.

Do you have a lot of horse art or decorations around your house?

21 thoughts on “Horse Art and Decorations Around the House

  1. Teresa

    I don’t have a lot and I really want some clay figures of the horses. I love those old hunting prints and would love to have some of those on my wall.

  2. Laura

    Nice collection! I have a fair bit of stuff – I’ve been slowly sneaking it into the house over the years. lol My husband likes horses, but doesn’t really love them enough to have the house completely covered! At the moment, my favourite art is a large canvas print from a photo my hubby took of my horse running in the snow. It is pretty awesome. I figured I could get away with hanging it over the mantle, since he took the photo and make sure to give him credit whenever guests comment on it! 😉 I also have a lamp with a clear base that is filled with ribbons. Again – it has another purpose, so hubby can’t complain too much!

    1. Olivia Post author

      That lamp sounds really cool. Most of our ribbons are hanging from the blinds in the dining room because we’re classy like that.

  3. Leah

    I’m terrible at any kind of functional interior design at my house, so 90% of my equine themed art resides in my work office haha.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I wish I had interior design skills. Pretty sure an interior designed would cringe at seeing my mantle full of random, unmatched stuff.

  4. sarahczspots

    I have a ton of stuff…it is kind of insane. My guest room is loosely horse themed (as in all my Breyers are on display on a bookshelf alongside all my childhood horse books…) and our bathroom is circus horse themed. And there are silhouettes/pictures of my actual horses in the kitchen. I need to do a home tour type thing too.

  5. Jamie

    YES… we remodeled our computer room last year, & I kind of accidentally filled it with horse art.. 1 metal wall piece of running horses, a horse statue, 2 wall pictures, & several pics of my horse, & then my hubby bought me another statue of running horses for Christmas. 🙂 I also snuck a horse print into our kitchen when we remodeled that a few years ago! (my hubby is decidedly NOT a horse guy..)

      1. Jamie

        I actually have 2 rooms… 😀 But the ORIGINAL horse room was planned & done with his full knowledge! The computer room was truly an accident! haha!!
        (original room has special shelves he made for my Breyer horses, all my spare horse tack, & horse wall clings that he bought me as a joke.. he didn’t think I’d put them up!)

    1. Olivia Post author

      You should! I liked your post on your bookshelves. Everything looked so well displayed. My stuff is sort of thrown all over the place.

  6. Stephanie

    Love all your horse art! We have a ton, too. Since the move, it’s almost all packed away, but I’m excited to get it all hung up in the new place.

  7. KateRose

    Love all your art! I would like to get more (once we have a bigger house). I’m not sure that I have quite enough that I could post about it but I might try 😉

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