Horse House Hunters – Episode 2

In today’s episode of Horse House Hunters we look at some of the amazing horse properties that can be found in New Hampshire.

First up, a 15 acre, commercial boarding property with indoor and outdoor arenas, a 15 stall barn with office and bathroom, a move-in ready house, access to miles of trails, and gorgeous pastures. Oh and a historic cemetery in the corner that couldn’t be touched. I think this one was only $800,000. Sadly the owners decided to subdivide instead of sell.

The next property had a 5,000 square foot house. 5,000! Part of the space was a connected, but rentable unit with its own mini kitchen and entrance. The original barn had been turned into a venue for weddings or events. The 20 stall barn had an attached indoor with an upstairs viewing area/office/bathrooms/tack rooms that’s bigger than my current house. It was in the middle of nowhere and starting to fall apart. $800,000.

10 Acres, 16 stalls across 2 barns, 70’x160′ indoor arena with 2 viewing rooms. The house needed a lot of work and the barn wasn’t connected to trails. $750,000.

Can we all pause to admire the genius-level dragging skills going on here?

Which one would you pick?

20 thoughts on “Horse House Hunters – Episode 2

  1. Stacie Seidman

    It’s funny to me to read the comments about how expensive these farms are! Around here, much smaller not even as nice farms go for in the millions. It’s crazy.
    Of this group, I’d pick the first (you know pretending like they didn’t change their minds). I would however, like to employ the master ring groomer from the last farm.

    1. martidoll123

      And around here the same costs for crap crap crap farms…Like barns falling over, house shitty,,,let’s ask 750-850k for that. UM there is no ring, no fencing and you want what??? UGH….I loved New Hampshire when we went there, would hate the winter though but thought the property values were okay (not sure what taxes are like there!) thanks for sharing these too….

      1. Olivia Post author

        NH has decent property taxes and no income tax so it’s pretty great. But I actually don’t mind paying taxes because I like services, like schools and roads and health care so I prefer Vermont.

    1. Olivia Post author

      If they hadn’t decided to subdivide we would have gone back for another look. The town wasn’t that awesome so we’d have needed to decide if we wanted to live there.

  2. the_everything_pony

    Wow those are lovely. I’d pick the first. I’d say the price is pricey but pretty reasonable actually. Based on pictures alone lol Plus, here in Vegas the housing market is ridiculous, especially in newer areas. 2 acres with maybe a barn and teensy arena and small house are like $500k and up. It’s pretty crazy here.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’d have picked the 1st too if they hadn’t decided to subdivide. In Vegas, $500k gets you a barn and 2 acres. In my current town it gets you a condemned shack. It would take at least 3 million to get 2 acres and a barn here.

  3. Kat

    #1 If they didnt subdivide. Cemetery would be kimda cool as long as people didnt start trapesing all over my property. Pretty nice prices too, although im pretty sure my pay would tank over there.

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