How to Clean Your Endurance Tack

beta biothane tack in dishwasher

Look, there’s nothing I don’t love more than good leather. Hell, the smell of leather is one of my favorite scents. And cleaning nice leather with good soap and conditioner makes for such a nice end result. I do own, and plan to continue to own, many leather strap goods.

But endurance tack that you can clean by throwing it in the dishwasher? It’s amazing. Seriously, you just put everything in there, bits and all. No undoing straps, removing bits, or any other prep steps. Just put the tack in dishwasher. Add detergent. Turn off the heated dry option and put the machine on normal wash mode. Press start. Go watch some Netflix. Open the door to let it dry once it’s done. Watch some more Netflix. Boom: done!

**This worked for me. Use this advice at your own risk. If you try it and somehow ruin your tack, don’t blame me.

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