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Olivia   June 24, 2016   22 Comments on Mini Updates

Update on Nilla Coloring

Back in September, I did a post on Nilla’s color: What Color is this Mule. In the post I mentioned that Nilla has zebra striping on her legs, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture of them. I’m pretty sure no one believed me. The other night I was taking some pictures of her in a saddle I was trying out and saw that her zebra stripes were really standing out. So here’s the proof:


Bareback Riding on Eugene

After trying one saddle and not liking it (longer story to come), I asked my husband to lend me his and tried it with Nilla. He was riding, so he had to hop off and untack Eugene. By the time I was done trying his saddle and then my old broken one again and then spending forever debating, it was late and we had to get going  because I had dinner plans with a friend. So my husband decided to hop on Eugene bareback.e had been saying that he probably wouldn’t do it for a long time, but figured a short trip in the small arena was probably pretty safe. I held Eugene for him to get on and walked him around the first lap just in case, but Eugene was great.


Print Making

I was doing some print making with a friend and mules featured heavily of course.


Jumping Lizards

The toy lizards remained not scary so I bought some little solar powered swinging frog toys from the dollar store. Those were also not scary so I upped it by buying a small remote-controlled toy car.


Which was properly terrifying. We started with backing up. And then progressed to some hopping/spinning. Thankfully, no full on rearing like we had at the clinic.


Regular and slow speed for your viewing pleasure

Thankfully, this was exactly what I was looking for. Something scary that was moving and making noise in the jump that I could control so that I could practice getting her over it. And I did finally get her over it. Although the approach required careful examination:


And massive over-jumping of the tiny little cross-rail:


The next attempt was much more relaxed:


Her fear of moving things inside jumps isn’t solved, but at least I’ve finally figured out a good way of re-creating the issue so that I can work on it.

Has anyone else had a training breakthrough recently?

22 thoughts on “Mini Updates

  1. Teresa

    Glad that you found the solution to work on Nilla’s fears. And yes I have had a couple breakthroughs lately. 🙂

    (also, I hope that you received my email).

  2. emma

    ha well here’s hoping that she won’t have to deal too much with moving things inside jumps very often, even if she’s making progress there! (also – another thing you might try tho if you are serious about fixing that spook are shiny pinwheels on a good windy day lol). anyway – i love those leg markings! those types of markings and dorsal stripes are some of my favorites haha

    1. Olivia Post author

      I love the markings too. That’s why I was excited to finally get a picture of them. I actually have another jump decorated with pinwheels and she finds that scary as well, though not as terrifying as the toy car jump.

  3. Appydoesdressage

    No breakthroughs lately, but if you can figure out how to convince Mia to just go straight let me know! LOL Yay for training progress, at least now you can work on it. Love the print!

  4. Hannah

    My current lesson horse is green but super chill about almost everything (plastic bags, active welding, front end loaders) except two things: getting her ears touched and excess rider movement when they can’t sit her huge trot. We’ve been working a ton on eating peppermints and carrots after ear grabbing, and this past week she was almost calm about getting her bridle over her ears. Only mild giraffe stance and we hardly needed the mounting block (she’s taller than me and she knows it). Next goal is flopping around on her back until she loves that too.

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