Wunderlich Trail Ride

We were going to go to a poker ride on Saturday, but the temperature was set to be 95+ and the ride was in the hot, sunny hills of Morgan Hill so we decided to go on our own ride at Wunderlich. Given that we were boiling hot even in the shade of the redwoods at Wunderlich, I think it was the right choice. It also let us sleep in a little bit more, so double win. I would really like to do a poker ride some day, though.

How hot was it? So hot that the ponies were literally drenched in sweat. Nilla was sweating so much she looked like she was a sad panda with dark sweat spots on her eyes.


This picture is from when we stopped at a little run-off creek to let them drink and Nilla thought eating moss of a stump was better than drinking. But it illustrates the intense amount of sweating going on.

We started off doing some trotting and trying to make endurance speeds, but then we figured the horses might die, so we nixed that and walked for most of the ride. You can see from our speed chart when we gave up maintaining speed around 3 miles in.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.56.39 PM

I love riding at this park though. I really love the big redwood trees. It also helps that most of the trails are nice and wide and well graded. But the trees are the best.



In addition to riding through the trees, there are also pretty meadows and views to be had.



On our way back, we took a detour down a trail we hadn’t done before and went to Salamander Flat. It’s a giant pool filled with algae that is home to – despite what the name might lead you to believe – newts and not salamanders.

salamander flat

Salamander Flat with sign explaining that Newts live here

It was a fairly short ride at a little over 10 miles, but it was good to get them out and burning off some of the excess energy they both have right now. As we were coming back to the parking lot, we passed a woman who I actually met when I was here last August doing a solo ride. I’ve also seen her at the Quicksilver ride and we’ll probably cross paths at another endurance ride this year, but it was funny to run across her at Wunderlich again.


When we got back to the trailer, Nilla chugged a bucket of water, which made me feel better and Eugene drank from the trough they had. I tried to talk my husband into stopping by the Woodside Horse Park to bathe the horses since they were so sweaty, but he wasn’t down with that plan, so we just took them home to roll about 20 times in the arena.

16 thoughts on “Wunderlich Trail Ride

  1. Megan

    Morgan Hill has been SO hot recently, I haven’t been able to haul out to ride at all because it’s been in the 100s. Last night I rode at 8:45pm and it was still awful. I love Wunderlich, such gorgeous views and so nice and shady. We used to haul there for fitwork on hot days when I worked for an event trainer.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I love Wunderlich for hot days. Even our barn, which is usually cool has been really hot and we’ve been either not riding or waiting until dusk to do so.

  2. Kara

    Beautiful ride! I’m in Sacramento and holy cow is it hot
    106 today, I did a brief ride this morning and my horse was coated in sweat under the saddle. And we only rode for 20 minutes in an arena and mostly walked! I’m really impressed you did a trail ride.

    1. Olivia Post author

      The trees were the only way we made it happen and it was hot even with all the shade. But 106 is a lot hotter than we were and a good example of why I don’t live in Sacramento.

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