Pro Photos from Woodside H.T.

I really like the pro photographer – MGO Photography – who is at most of our area’s rated events. They take great shots and sell them at a flat rate for the whole package. This is great for me because I have a really hard time picking anything out. Like, I have gone in to the store for toothpaste and my husband has had to come get me 15 minutes later as I am still standing there trying to decide which one is the best. If I had to buy the pictures individually I’d want to buy them all, but not want to spend that much and drive myself insane.

Of course, I still have to pick favorites for these posts, but I can handle that. Well, kind of. I still have a lot of favorites to share.


I love how the angle of my arm matches his forelock and tail being blown in the wind

Pats for a good boy

Yes, Levi, there is a jump way down there

Maybe one day I will let go of his face


Husband is getting pretty good at doing his own braids

So Square

What’s my husband looking at? No one knows. But Eugene will jump it anyway

I love this shot. They have come so far.

I was too far away and blocked by a hill to see the ditch, so boy am I happy the photographer caught this shot:

Eugene is always so happy in the water

First Novice was no big deal for Eugene

All pictures are PC MGO Photography and used with purchase.

14 thoughts on “Pro Photos from Woodside H.T.

  1. reluctant cowgirl

    So pretty! I can totally relate to never being able to pick things out. Every grocery store run is an epic exercise in prevarication, and I’m STILL not sure how I came home from that auction with only one mustang.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’m just not allowed to make decisions anymore. Like we buy the same type of toothpaste and the same food stuffs and if there are choices to be made, I have my husband do the shopping instead. Not owning property is the only thing keeping me from buying all the horses. Not sure how I’ll deal in the future.

  2. martidoll123

    great photos of all of you! and i am the same way I cannot make a decision to save my life. Me picking flights is worse than your toothpaste experience LOL. OMG I am such a pain this way. glad I am not alone 🙂 HA that photographer is great!!

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