Roeckl Riding Gloves Review and Giveaway

When Roeckl reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to do a review of their riding gloves in exchange for a free pair, I responded that we already own and love Roeckl gloves and I’d be happy to do a review. I asked if they would they be willing to sponsor a giveaway on the blog and they agreed. Disclaimer time: Roeckl is sponsoring a giveaway and a lucky reader will win a free pair of gloves. I was not required to write a review. All opinions are my own

We all know I have a saddle pad hoarding problem, but I’ve never talked about my glove hoarding problem on the blog before. I have a lot of gloves. I have, according to my husband, an unnecessary number of gloves.

This isn’t even all of my gloves. It’s just the ones in my tack room. There are more in the trailer and in my show bag. Part of the reason I have so many gloves is the same reason I have so many saddle pads – all the pretty colors. But the other reason I have so many is that they’re cheap and fall apart really fast.

Meanwhile my husband owns three pairs of gloves in total: one for shows, one for winter, and one for everything else. He’s more of the spend more on something nice and then it lasts forever type. He wears his gloves for years. Because his every day pair gets dirty from barn chores, I insisted he get a new pair for showing. About a year ago, he chose the Roeckl Grip as his show pair and they’ve held up really well over time.

P.C. Marcus Green Photography

They’ve held up so well, that this year he bought the Roeckl Grip Winter when we stopped at a tack store while on vacation. Although I’ll walk around in 5 layers and complain about being cold when it’s 60 out, as soon as I start riding I get hot fast. I also hate thick gloves when riding. Although I stuck to my regular gloves this year, I fully plan on getting a pair of these gloves when we move to a state with real winters. The Roeckl winter gloves are thin and soft while still being warm.

After admiring his and longingly petting so many pairs of Roeckls in tack stores, finally decided to ditch the cheapies and try getting a pair of quality gloves that would actually last. As pretty as the Roeckl Grips are, I decided to get the Roeckl Mendon gloves. Because I wear my gloves all the time (even on long trail rides and endurance rides), I like them to be as lightweight and breathable as possible. The Mendons have the same soft ROECK-GRIP® palm as the grips, but the backhand is a mix of mesh and perforated fabric.

They are so thin and lightweight that they’re fairly close to feeling more comfortable on than nothing. I kinda just wore them around the house when they first arrived. They’re also touchscreen compatible, which is an absolute requirement in gloves for me. I check the touchscreen compatibility of gloves in the store before I buy them and will put anything back that doesn’t work on my phone and watch. You seriously couldn’t pay me to wear gloves that aren’t touchscreen compatible. We don’t even have cell service at our barn so it’s not like I’m spending a lot of time on my phone. I mostly just want to be able to use my camera. Luckily, these work just fine for pictures, texting, and all other screen usage.

I’ve had these gloves for over a month now and I really like them. Although Levi has spent a lot of that time trying to be a pasture pet, I have worn them for a few rides including schooling, cattle sorting, a trail ride, and two schooling shows. Although they’re not really show gloves, the coloring is subtle enough for a schooling show. Honestly, the only thing I’d really complain about is the logo on the pinky. It’s flexible and doesn’t effect the fit or comfort of the gloves, but it’s a little obvious for me. Then again, I spend time with my seam ripper pulling logos off all of my new equestrian gear before using it, so I might not be normal.

As I mentioned in the beginning, Roeckl has offered to giveaway a voucher for a pair of Roeckl gloves of your choice. This is such an awesome prize; I wish I could win it myself. I’d really like a pair of Roeckl Grips for show gloves too! To enter, check out Roeckl’s catalog and leave a comment on this blog with which gloves you’d pick if you won. Make sure you complete the Rafflecopter to record your entry.

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60 thoughts on “Roeckl Riding Gloves Review and Giveaway

  1. Leah

    Would love a pair of Roeckls doesn’t look like any of them come in teal 😂 but the black/silver Laras would be my licl!


    I really wanted a pair since they work well on web reins. The style was 3308-250, but the Grip looks similar. I nearly bought the winter gloves this past week.

  3. Denise Waszak

    I love Roeckl gloves! They are the only gloves that truly fit my hands. I would love to win the Lara!

  4. London

    I’ve been wanting to try Roeckl’s for awhile but I always balk at the price. Really’ it would probably be cheaper to invest in good gloves instead of destroying multiple cheap pairs every year! I think I’d like to try the Madison’s.

  5. Emily

    My eye is definitely on the Madison. Cool design, touch screen friendly, and machine washable? All things I need in my life. 🙂

  6. Amy McKenna

    Oh wow, those gloves looks so pretty. If I could win one I’d likely buy a second pair because having leather winter gloves sounds appealing, especially living up north.

    But I would definitely want the Mendon 3301-274, that purple color is fantastic and I’m always down for breathable, especially with heat and humidity.

    For winter I really like the looks of these: Roeck-Grip Winter 3301-527 in Anthracite!

  7. Ashley Wingert

    They’ve been on my “things I’ve drooled over” list for a while now, but I’ve not been able to justify new, pricey ones while I’ve still got several pairs to go through. But I would definitely give the nod to the Mendons — as cool and light as possible.

  8. Amelia Pitts

    I have a pair of the Chesters (now the Rock Grip I think) for showing that I love. I would adore another pair for schooling/cross country and it would be the Lara in black/silver.

  9. Bette

    How are you supposed to choose?!?! So many good ones!!! But I think I narrowed it down to the Madrid in Marine size 8 😉

  10. Elizabeth

    I have never tried Roeckl gloves, but I could definitely use a new pair of white gloves to show. I would choose the Madison in white!

  11. Holly

    I love Roeckl gloves, they’re the best! I’m split – the Lisboa are so cute because SHINY, but I also love that Malta would go with my brown boots so well!

  12. irishhorse

    As a side note, I hate obvious logos on my stuff too. A Sharpie permanent marker works great to cover up brand logos on black, as my saddle bags (Stowaway, which love, but not the white logo on black) will attest. Back to your contest…

  13. Appydoesdressage

    I’ve always used SSG and recently got a pair of Heritage to try out. I’ve never tried Roeckls.

  14. Stacie Seidman

    I love Roeckls, they’re actually my favorite (and I hate gloves). If I could pick, I’d love the Lona model in mocha/gold
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Carly

    I love petting these gloves whenever I’m in a tack store, I just haven’t been able to bite the bullet on the price tag. I really like the look of the Lonas!

  16. reluctant cowgirl

    That pile is #glovegoals. I think we’re similar in the hoarding inexpensive, pretty stuff department. I have some Nobles in a berry color, which is pretty but matches absolutely NOTHING that I or my horse wears. For my lesson this week I wore the beautiful (expensive) pair of Hamley orangey-tan leather gloves my SO (who is also one of those ‘buy expensive stuff that lasts’ people) got me. When I watched the video I was like OH DEAR those gloves do not look good with a dark dressage kit. So I’d go with some very versatile Lonas in black/white.

  17. Heather

    Roeckls are amazing! I would pick the Roeck-Grip in caramel. I think that color would look amazing in the SJ ring with my navy coat and light brown boots!

  18. Bakersfield Dressage

    I love Roeckls – I have a white pair for showing and several pairs that I’ve worn out. They last about 2 years for me. I was like you, I had piles of cheap gloves, but once I put on a pair of Roeckls, I was hooked for life! I live in Bakersfield, the hottest part of California, and I still wear them in the heat. They just don’t heat me up like the cheaper gloves did.

  19. the_everything_pony

    I love Roeckls! I’ve definitely been converted. I have a pair of white summer gloves and a navy pair for showing, but would love the two-tone Roeckl gloves! I’ve been wanting those for a while….

  20. Jessica Schabert

    The Madrid gloves in grey! I have been eyeing those for awhile now, but have been stuck on the price.

  21. caitmac

    I like those Mendons! I’ve started taking driving lessons and I need a pair of gloves, but am still shopping around.

  22. L. Williams

    Love their gloves, I own 3 pairs of chesters which I think are called the roeck grip now. They used to have a summer glove that I wanted to try but I can’t figure out their new line of gloves very well.

  23. Amelia

    I have a pair of them and absolutely love them. I’d probably get another Roeck-Grip pair so that I could have one for show and one for schooling.

  24. Alex

    I love my Roeckl gloves. They are nice and light and fit well to my hand without extra fabric bunching up. I believe I have the basic grip model. If I won, I’d probably get Mendon in berry for a fun color!

  25. Amber Bourland

    It’s a hard choice, and I narrowed it down to the Monaco or the Foxton, but since my husband liked the Monaco best, I would pick those. Thank you for the opportunity!

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