The Month of Not Riding

October was a very low riding (and blogging) month for me. I think I rode maybe 10 days out of the 31. And I didn’t ride much for the second half of September either. I had to cancel multiple lessons, often at the last minute.

last minute

And if I didn’t have to go to work or make business calls, it was raining. I think California was conspiring to keep me from riding. Last week, after Emma scolded me about not posting any 2ptober times, I started a reply with my excuse and then said screw it, put my riding clothes back on and went to the barn. It wasn’t supposed to rain according to my weather app, but that was a lie.

I did manage to do two-point for a whole 7 minutes even if I seriously thought I might fall off when I tried to do two-point going down a hill at the walk on my downhill conformed and downhill hating mule. I’m not even sure I can call it two-point. It was more like awkward standing, but my butt didn’t touch the saddle and my hands didn’t set down on anything and I did not roll off so I’m counting it. I did have to crawl off and sit on a log for a few minutes after stopping, but whatever.

**Edited to add that I apparently came in second in the 2ptober contest. So glad Emma shamed me into getting out and riding. Even if I did get soaked in the rain. I got a virtual ribbon: #winning.

2ptober graphic - Reserve Champ

Racing the rain on my ride to the winery yesterday. Silicon Valley and the SF bay under the clouds in the distance. #ridingintherain

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The giant swirl of chaos that has been my life is winding down though (post coming as soon as I’m sure It’s done). I rode twice on Monday and once Tuesday. Provided the rain doesn’t ruin everything, I should be able to continue this whole actually riding the horses I own thing this month. I even started off November by riding without stirrups.

Another day, another view. #mulesofinstagram #trailride

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Of course Nilla was probably fine with the whole not being ridden thing. It’s been so hot and muggy here and I haven’t had time to shave her, that she’s been drenched in sweat every time I do ride. I even got some video of the steam coming off her half way through our ride on Monday.


I got back from that ride, bathed her, and shaved off most of her hair. I ran out of daylight, so I still need to finish her legs, but she’s is considerably less furry now. I also roached her mane, which I have to do occasionally to get the mohawk to grow straight, but I really should have held off on doing that. I realized when I went to get on the next day that I had no mane to hold on to while riding bareback. I threw a neckstrap on, but it’s really not the same. Hopefully I’ll survive NSN without a mane.

26 thoughts on “The Month of Not Riding

  1. Teresa

    It’s tough when life stuff interferes with riding/equine stuff. Congrats on the 2ptober results and good luck with NSN (maybe a neck strap?).

    1. Olivia Post author

      I added a neck strap, but it’s really not the same. The mane is so solid and goes where ever the mule goes. The neckstrap likes to move side to side.

  2. Emma

    So glad you managed to pull out that last 2pt ride despite all the weather and shenanigans! Also love all the pics and views. Maryland is pretty (IMO) but the west coast is just an entirely different story

  3. Liz

    Oh do I ever feel you on the needing to crawl off and sit awhile post 2-pointing! I was 4 miles from home, but I did pull my legs out of the stirrups and basically FLOPPED over Stan’s neck in exhaustion! My calves especially were SO ANGRY for 2 hours afterwards and I was more sore the following day than I was from my 100! LOL.

    Congrats to you on getting out there and doing it in the rain. It must be an endurance rider thing 😉

    I hope your life’s chaos wraps up neatly soon and gives you more time to enjoy things. Cheers to a new month.

  4. Kara Thomson

    I’m in Sacramento, same situation with the rain. While I know we need it and I feel like a jerk every time I complain about, there has barely been a break long enough for the barn to dry out! It looks like soggy riding for a while!

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