Meet Levi

Olivia   November 7, 2016   31 Comments on Meet Levi

You know how I keep saying I don’t even like Palominos?


Well, I might have a problem, because I kinda bought another one. He’s so freaking pretty though, he’s basically a hornless unicorn.


Someone please remind me that I said that when he’s coated in manure and mud.


I actually adopted him weeks ago, but didn’t want to post about it until he passed his vet check. And since my life in October was chaos, I had to kept having to wait and reschedule my appointment.


He passed and so we’re keeping him. Which was a huge relief to everyone at my barn – including seasonal trainer – who had fallen in love with him and really wanted him to stay.


He’s green, and unbalanced, throws little baby tempter tantrums, and puts everything he can into his mouth, but he has an amazing rocking horse canter, a trot that’s easier to sit than to post, and brain that lets him be the flag carrier in a drill exercise with 14 other horses in nothing but a rope halter.

“Carrying the banner” at the Carson City Mustang auction. #demandthebrand #mustanghorse #adoptalivinglegend

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He’s not technically a re-sale project because I’ll never make money on him, but he’s not really a  for-lifer either (although that could always change). For now, I’m just looking forward to the journey.


31 thoughts on “Meet Levi

  1. Nicku

    Ha ha! The auction!!! He’s so cute! Congratulations, cannot wait to hear how the whole herd is adjusting and what your plans are for him.

  2. Heather

    Was he in any of the pictures from the auction you posted about a little while ago? I swear he caught my eye even then. He’s so dreamy. He’s like what all little children dream of when they picture their first pony, and he sure looks like he has a good brain.

    1. Olivia Post author

      He was in the catalog, but he wasn’t actually one that I posted a picture of. I was interested in a few of the other horses at the auction more than him, but ended up really liking him in person.

  3. Hannah

    Squee! Congrats! Can’t wait to hear about his adventures. Watch out Eugene, you’ve got some new competition for studliest man-horse.

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