Twin Rivers Halloween Schooling HT – Eugene Dressage

This last weekend we went down to the one day schooling HT at Twin Rivers. They were running it as a Halloween show so costumes were encouraged. Because we already own lots of red and green riding paraphernalia, my husband went as Mario and I went as Luigi. It was a lot of fun to dress up and I liked seeing the other costumes as well. There were some especially cute ponies.

Dressage went really well for my husband and Eugene. While the judge was overly generous even for a schooling show, I do think it was the calmest, most relaxed dressage test they’ve ever put together. Eugene is starting to look and act more and more like a real dressage pony.

1. A Enter working trot. C Track right
Judge’s Comments: “Quite straight then left drift before C”
Score: 7.5

1: Good corner usage

2. B Circle right 20 meters working trot
Judge’s Comments: “good rhythm”
Score: 7.5

2: Nice and steady

3. KXM Change rein
Judge’s Comments: “Quite straight. Good corners”
Score: 8.0

3: They did get into that corner

4. E Circle left 20 meters working trot
Judge’s Comments: “Needs consistent left bend”
Score: 7.0

4: Bending is not something he’s good at.

5. Between K and A Working canter left lead
Judge’s Comments: “unclear transition”
Score: 6.0

5: This reminds me so much of Nilla

6. A Circle left 20 meters
Judge’s Comments: “needs left bend + balance”
Score: 6.5

6: Matching serious expressions

7. Between B and M Working trot
Judge’s Comments: “unclear transition. good corners”
Score: 7.0

7: There’s that corner again

8. HXF Change rein working trot
Judge’s Comments: “quite straight”
Score: 8.0

8: They are, in fact, quite straight

9. Between F and A Working canter right lead
Judge’s Comments: ” prompt depart”
Score: 7.5

9: Looking at the pictures I don’t think this was a prompt depart, but it might be the angle

10. A Circle right 20 meters
Judge’s Comments: “not quite round”
Score: 7.0

10: There’s no bend in this direction

11. Between E and H Working trot
Judge’s Comments: “fairly smooth”
Score: 7.5


12. C Medium walk
Judge’s Comments: (no comment)
Score: 7.5

12: Stepping up in the transition

13. M – E Free walk. E – K Medium walk
Judge’s Comments: “lost attention and stretch. Needs longer steps in free walk”
Score: 7.0

13: Starts off really well, then he heard another horse scream and needed to scream back

14. K Working trot.  A Down centerline
Judge’s Comments: “fairly straight”
Score: 7.5


15. X Halt, Salute
Judge’s Comments: “shoulders fell right in halt”
Score: 7.0

15: He’s normally really good at halt

Collective Marks
Gaits: 8
Impulsion: 7.5
Submission: 7.5
Rider: 7.5

Final Score: 27
Final Comments: “Great team! Have fun.”

While the judge was being pretty generous with a 27, she was generous all around and they were in 1st place for their division after dressage! I meant to make this whole show all one post, but it’s really late so show jumping and cross country will have to be tomorrow. Stay tuned.

22 thoughts on “Twin Rivers Halloween Schooling HT – Eugene Dressage

  1. beka

    This is super random, but I had a dream the other night that I was helping y’all dress Eugene for a costume contest and we were going with an “on fire” theme. So I braided yellow, orange and red into his mane and ended up crocheting “flames” in the same color scheme that went into his tail. I really feel like I need to do this with Archie now.

    1. Olivia Post author

      That’s an awesome costume! I wanted to do more with Eugene, but my husband doesn’t really like dressing up to begin with so a simple costume was best.

  2. Kaity

    They look really good! Pretty sure that exact same saddle pad was a part of my Wonder Woman costume! It’s so versatile haha

      1. Kaity

        Do it! I have another one in teal and orange that I school with and it’s held up extremely well considering how infrequently I remember to wash it! It’s been in action for over a year and definitely has a lot of life left.

  3. Liz

    Generous, sure, but wow, he looks SO much more relaxed than he does in photos of past shows. It’s really telling. Clearly he wants to be in costume all of the time lol!

  4. martidoll123

    They both look great and i agree even with the generous scores he looks very relaxed. And I love the costume (My husband is a huge Nintendo fan so must show him). Congrats leading after dressage 🙂 YAY Eugene

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