Vicarious Horse Shopping

You know how horse shopping sounds like it should be fun, but ends up sucking?

Well, you know what’s actually fun?

Vicarious horse shopping.

I know I can’t be alone in browsing facebook sales or dreamhorse ads even when I am absolutely not getting another horse.


True story

One of the boarders at my barn is thinking about getting a Mustang from the same prison auction we got Eugene and Levi from. It turns out that shopping with a goal is even more fun than aimless window shopping. I get to browse all the pretty ponies and play armchair critic and then I get to enjoy a new horse without spending any of my own money.

It’s so enjoyable, I thought I’d share the fun. Here’s the catalog and here are the videos. There are seriously so many cute Mustangs. There’s one in particular I really wish I could get for myself, but I won’t spoil it for anyone else.

If you’re interested in actually adopting a Mustang, here’s a link to the event information. Even if you’re not up for adopting, if you live anywhere near Carson City, I recommend checking it out as the auction is really fun to attend as a spectator. If you’re not up for the drive to Nevada, there’s also a Mustang auction at Sacramento’s prison this weekend.

P.S. For anyone wondering, we are nowhere near the fires here in California. We’re actually about 2 hours away from them. Thankfully! We are currently living inside a giant cloud of smoke that makes breathing difficult and eyes burn, but it’s nothing compared to the people losing their lives, their horses, their homes, and so much more.

41 thoughts on “Vicarious Horse Shopping

  1. Teresa

    Nice. I didn’t have time to look at the vids but a quick look at the catalog and I would want to check out Dun-Dun, Boyd,Pete and In Dun.

  2. rooth

    You’re right – actual horse shopping is SO awful. Which makes it similar to any other type of big ticket item shopping (car shopping, house hunting, etc.)

  3. Kat

    I like Jesse, and I’d prob take any of the Fish Creek Black horses. They were some of the calmer, smaller, decent moving from the videos I skimmed. Lunch Box was cute too. My trainer has a thing against mustangs (to be fair none at our barn really inspire a mind change either). I just love all the variations Mustangs have. I’ve ridden a really nice one, tall, dark,handsome one as a youth, he was great.

    1. Olivia Post author

      Mustangs are such a mixed bag. The 2 we own could not be any more different. I think a lot of people are prejudiced against them and I’ve seen some who are nutty and spread that idea, but I also know some really nice ones.

  4. L. Williams

    Lol i wouldn’t say that grey horse has nice knees. I saw this meme that had someone typing into google search “Wanting a horse that’s not for sale” and the google “Didn’t you mean” suggestion say “Did you mean: Shooting yourself in the foot?”

    I always thought that was funny, except its too like real life.

  5. lifeisbetterthere

    I look at every single mustang auction catalog that can be located on the Internet. Even if it’s in Florida, which is geographically as far away from me as one can get and still be in the contiguous United States. There is also a prison auction in Sacramento this weekend. Is there a support group I should know about?

    1. Olivia Post author

      I think the horse blogosphere is that support group 🙂 Except everyone here just encourages everyone else to continue the horse addiction.

  6. Kalin

    Awwww, Squirt is so stinkin’ cute!

    I have to be careful about vicarious and/or hypothetical shopping… it’s when I find all the very best deals! It’s how I ended up with my current horse and the last saddle I bought…


    Horse window shopping is the most fun….. I’ve recently come to the realization that horses are probably at least 18 months out for me. Stupid adulting.

    But as long as I am taking home VIRTUAL horses, I would like Thunder, pls. And Leave me A Roan reminds me of my childhood horse, so he can come too. 😛

  8. Heidi

    I didn’t watch the videos but based on the pictures, I want Bambino! He is adorable and I really want a pony instead of a horse someday. Pepe would be my second choice. They are all pretty good looking, although the neat freak grooming lover in me wants to pull all the manes!

  9. Dom

    Window shopping for horses I’m not in the market for and will never be able to afford is a favorite pastime of mine. Also, coming up with show names and barn names for horses I don’t own.

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